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Finally! An accurate Bugeye Sprite speedometer, GPS driven!

We are excited to announce our new Bugeye speedometer with GPS sourced accuracy that looks very much like the original Mark 1 Speedo! This speedo will accurately read your speed, every time!

While we are passionate about the original Bugeye instruments, there’s a lot to love about this brand new GPS driven unit. The impetus for this product was customer requests for more speedometer accuracy. The originals were never perfect, and if you start changing your tire size and rear end ratio, you will find the speedo only gets more inaccurate.

With this GPS unit, you also get a host of new features never before offered in a Bugeye Sprite on any planet. By scrolling through the feature menu with the little black button on the face of the gauge, you can see your altitude, compass heading, miles or kilometers, time of day, top speed reached, and my personal favorite, 0-60 time (it’ll tell you quarter-mile time too). Your old-fashioned one-speed windshield wipers are going to be pretty embarrassed sharing a dashboard parked next to all this technology. But if this product makes driving your car more fun and more reliable, we are all for it!

This smart unit runs on ignition key-fed 12 volts and will delivery to your dashboard an accurate speed and digital odometer every where you go. We’ve had dozens of odometer failures on the original mechanical gauges… no more! This unit should last a lifetime.

You will need to stick the small GPS antennae on your dashboard, so your new Bugeye GPS can connect to a satellite (egads, I just used the words “Bugeye” and “satellite” in the same sentence… Elon Musk, can you read me?).

The square display at the bottom of the gauge always shows the odometer at the top, and the trip odometer beneath it, unless you scroll through the menu to show one of the other functions mentioned above, which will replace the trip odometer. EG, you will see odometer on the top display and altitude above sea level, for example, beneath it, if you select that function.

Negative ground required. Very low voltage drain. Easy to wire-up. Instructions included. Made in the USA.

If you have a later or otherwise incorrect speedo in your car, or a non-working speedo or odometer, you will love this product!

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