(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

How to ship a Bugeye Sprite cross-country

Here are some pictures of the two cars that left our shop this week.

It take a lot for us to send one from our nest… we get to know each car intimately and they have to be ready before they can leave. It’s always exciting when we send them off to their new home.

Our cars almost exclusively travel in enclosed transporters, which adds to the fun, because our cars are usually delivered with exceptional truck-mates who also specify that only enclosed shipping will do.

This week, we sent Mitchell (at night) to Portland, Oregon and Booker to Columbia, Maryland. Booker traveled with a late model 911 gt3 RS, which looked like it had landed from someplace other than planet Bugeye. It has 325/30×21 inch tires on the back (about $400 each). Compare that to the Bugeye’s 155/82 x13 (about $60 each). Compare also 500 HP to the Bugeye’s 45. And 0-60 in 3.5 seconds vs 23.5.

But more importantly, the 911 was PDK equipped with paddle shifters, and the non-six speed gear selector between the seats on the 911 never looks right. I know the PDK transmission is an amazingly sophisticated piece of German engineering, but the truck driver said it all… “it’s an automatic.”

Many 911 owners long to have a great Bugeye (and vice versa). Bugeye sports car heritage lives on in the supercars of today, and while they looked like strange bedfellows, it was nice to see them traveling together, each one more connected than one might think.

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