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Another AH Bugeye Sprite floor restoration

Remember this garage find from a few weeks back? We’ve been rebuilding the mechanicals on this one for the past month for the good folks in Maryland who hired us to get the car back on the road. The car now runs and drives nicely!

Today we embarked on the next phase of the project, to restore the driver side floor pan, which was badly rusted. Here are some photos from the disassembly, that will give you a window into how these cars are built.

Some rust in the foot wells. Some rust in the rear spring area. Once in a while, we get cars that have both, like this one. The footwell had an old patch, with a piece of a street sign. The rear area on this car had never been repaired. Ken will weld in a complete new floor pan, to give this car a new foundation that will out live us all.

Above you can see the prepared floor, ready to fit the new pan. There is some welding and patching still needed on both the inner sill and on the front of the wheel well where the floor meets the rockers. This first step is nearly complete… Ken has stripped away most of the old rotten material. It looks like this car might have been Nevada Beige, as this seems to be the color emerging under the grime on the transmission tunnel.

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