(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Bugeye Sprites with Stripes

Stripes are tricky. Get ’em right and enhance the look of your car. There is no end to the possibilities. But do it wrong, and you can really kill a great restoration.

Here’s a car we are painting this week for a client from Alabama. It is being finished in Olde English White, with a base/clearcoat modern urethane paint. You can see the glossy clear applied in the picture above, and no clear coat yet in the pictures below.

This customer wanted blue stripes for his car, which we felt might not coordinate well with his deep red interior so we settled on blue stripes with red borders, and here are the first pictures as the car was painted just this week.

One key decision to make is whether you want to stripe under the grill. Our painter says it looks like a Bugeye with a goatee, but I think it is is essential to complete the look. Hence you can see the stripes under the grill in the photo below (and without above).

Which do you prefer?

We’ve done quite a few Bugeyes with stripes, the cars support them well, especially if your car has performance modifications, like a roll bar or custom wheels. I have shown a photo gallery below, so you can see the spacing we prefer. You’ll notice all our jobs are centered between the headlights and usually carried almost right to the headlight buckets. Some people like to use offset stripes, but they are even more risky, so we play it safe with center stripes. We have also experimented with as many as four fine stripes between the larger stripes, as you can see in the photo gallery below which includes a few cars we painted and a bunch that came to us with their stripes in place. There’s no right answer, it’s all moving art…

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