(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Two stunning Austin Healey Bugeye Sprites with choice modifications

Here’s our #226th and #227th cars sold, as we make final preparations for their departure to new homes. These are both very high level cars, with 948 engines and four speed transmissions. They left together in an enclosed two-car trailer, one for New Jersey, the other for New York. You can see their delivery packaging below-they kept each other company.

Both Sprites are mostly stock, yet each car is quite different. That’s part of the fun for us… after now 228 Bugeyes prepared and sold, no two have been the same. Each one is a quest for the ultimate combination of old and new accessories. Each one is also a unique build to suit the needs of the new owner. And each one teaches us just a little bit more. We are proud to have built so many, and quite grateful to the great customers who have given us the chance to celebrate these great cars and make them better than ever.

“Crane,” (the olde English white car shown at left) was fit with LED lights all around, tri bar pl 700 headlights, a front anti-roll bar, trickle charger, solid state regulator (for greater charging system reliabilty) and topped off with a reproduction of the original owners manual loaded into the door pocket.

Primrose “Rose” was fit with an aluminum accelerator pedal, center console, preferred car cover, new side curtains and original style choke knob and cable. We have clients who prefer stock cars and clients who prefer modified cars and everything in between. This is one of the luxuries of specializing in the Frogeye… modifications abound and it’s always interesting to prepare a car once a buyer steps forward.

These were cheap sports cars and owners have traditionally felt at ease modifying them to taste. “Matching numbers” matters big time if you are into 356 Porsches, but with Bugeyes (most of the time) anything goes. 948 engines were routinely upgraded to 1098 and 1275 units. And even if your car had the original engine (like these two examples shown) the numbers don’t match anyway-BMC used an engine with a number “in range” but not matching the chassis number. So all Bugeye owners have permission to “have it their way” (within reason). We work hard to make our modifications look like they belong. Our catalog continues to grow with offerings that will help any Sprite owner personalize and better enjoy their car.

Below, you can see a short video about the modifications shown. There you can also find links to our parts catalog for the accessories showcased in this post, should you want to (further) upgrade your own Sprite.

Click the links below to learn more about the products mentioned in this post:

Accelerator pedal modification
Larger dashboard rear view mirror
Accurate Mark 1 choke knob and cable
Our preferred car cover
Center console
LED park and turn signal light kit with electronic flasher
LED Brake and park light kit
Front sway bar to reduce body roll
Original owners handbook
tri bar headlights
solid state regulator
trickle charger

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