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Restored 1960 TR3 for sale w/5 Speed!

NOW SOLD to peter in Virginia! Congratulations! Happiest man in Virginia! Look for his big smile on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Here’s a 1960 TR3 fresh out of a multi-year rotisserie restoration. The car is stunning, and beautifully restored in every way.

This car has the classic lines of a TR3 with several wonderful upgrades from the later TR4. If you want to drive and enjoy your TR3, you’ll find these upgrades significant. This is a driver’s car, and it will win shows too.

First, the car was built with a TR4 engine, which gives 2138 cc vs 1991 cc used in the tr3. This was the same path the factory chose for the TR3B, which was also fit with the same tr4 engine. You get better performance.

The car also has a new Weber downdraft carburetor, gear reduction starter, and alternator. These are all nice upgrades. The most significant upgrades are Tr4 steering rack, which means upgraded rack and pinion steering as a result, instead of the often sloppy worm and peg steering system of yesteryear. This rack and pinion set-up is tight and precise, with no slop.

And finally, the car features a Toyota five-speed gearbox conversion. This gives you highway overdrive, fully synchronized gears throughout the range and a buttery smooth transmission that will outlive us all. Thus this car can cruise nicely in 5th, courtesy of the overdrive. It’s a popular and impressive upgrade that expands the usability of these cars.

The interior is excellent, with new leather seating and sharp contrasting red piping. Everything works. A new top is fit. Side curtain frames are included, but they need some additional restoration.

This is the third car I’ve bought from the same builder in Georgia. I love his work so when he calls to sell a project, I buy it. He’s a skilled restorer. In fact, I got an email recently from the fellow in Canada who has the Bugeye built by the same guy, and he raved about his long term satisfaction with the build, now several years in. And so here is the next British classic built by Bob… and it’s a winner.

Call if you are interested in this one-of-a kind TR3!

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