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This is, without exception, the nicest car we have ever owned. Listen to it roar in the drive by video below:

This works rally tribute car is the product of an obsessive $200K restoration, complete with an impressive list of improvements and modifications. There are dozens of system upgrades, such as a custom leather interior fit with Healey 100S vented seats, upgraded Bilstein shock absorbers, an impressive custom heating and air conditioning system, a fire quench system and even a lighted WW2 bomber compass beautifully integrated into the hardtop (which has an exceptional headliner finished in ultrasuede).

Works Rally car at 1962 Coupe des Alpes event

The engine was built to exacting standards for a significant power increase. It was fit with roller rockers, a slightly hotter cam and stunning set of triple side draft Webers. Each throat is fit with a velocity stack and filter. These beautiful carbs are accessed by a color-matched custom panel, just like the factory rally cars. The engine is dressed with a rare Ruddspeed valve cover, and the exhaust is a sculptural array of stainless headers and custom pipes.

There are even two matching boot lids, one stock and one with a twin spare tire duck tail (custom built to match the original works rally car boot lid). Both fit the car, and the new owner can easily swap these depending on taste or event. The stock boot lid is currently on the car… some of the pictures in the gallery feature the rally lid in place.

It’s all done to the highest standard. This is a unique opporunity to own a fantastic Healey works rally tribute car, that has been upgraded so that you can use it everyday. I have put a few hundred miles on this car, and it’s a knock-out, and tons of fun to drive and show!

Check out the awesome sounds that come from this custom exhaust system in the video below! Those are striking custom Dunlop style wheels (more below).

Check out the smart LED brake lights fit to the original reflector pods on the rear wings. The builder even fit an LED brake light on the back side of the license plate light.

Click “read more” to see additional pictures of this awesome machine!

The builder set out to make the ultimate 3000. It took years. With a team of restorers he set out to improve and upgrade everything. They went off the map to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle that would pay homage to the works teams that made these cars famous, while pushing the envelope so that the average hobbyist could use and enjoy this car on a regular basis. For example, the car is fit with electronic cruise control, a delightful feature you’ll enjoy on every highway journey. Simply tap the controller for one mph up or down. It works, and adds to the experience. And it’s well-hidden in the ashtray, concealed if you prefer with a flip of the factory chrome lid.

The builder also handled the 2+2 rear seats beautifully, converting that space to a functional locker for the various relays that protect the onboard systems, and also using that space for an awesome amp that drives the exceptional sound system. The display for the sound system is nicely hidden above the passenger foot well, on a pivot so you can retract the display up out of view.

They also upgraded the dashboard extensively. The builders color matched the dash top instead of covering it in vinyl. It looks more elegant painted in Aston Martin green. And they replaced all the gauges with Jaguar products. Notice the tach and speedo are a bit larger, with a clock included as well. He added multiple additional Smiths gauges to make a full suite of information. He used a Jaguar E-brake warning light too, which is a handy reminder that you have left the hand brake engaged. This is something needed on every British classic! I enjoyed having that warning light, and it works!

The wheels are quite distinct. They are custom 16 inch polished billets, meant to evoke the spirit of period Dunlop knock offs that you might have found on D-type. They are two piece wheels, and the bolts you see on the wheel are integral to the wheel. These are not bolt on wheels. These are real knock-offs mounted on original splined hubs. The flared knock-off spinners make hammering on and off that much easier, it’s nice to have the wings a bit further outboard of the stunning bodywork. It makes knocking them on and off a bit less intimidating. The wheels are clad with fantastic Avon radials.

The Wilton wool carpet it stunning. So is the custom rally extra capacity fuel tank in the boot, which nicely cradles the spare tire. And the fuel filler lid. And the fender vents. Everywhere you look, you see evidence of passion and fine craftsmanship.

The rally boot lid is another nice feature. Originally designed so that the works rally cars could hold a second spare tire in the boot, it adds an interesting detail to the back of the car. I happen to love this unique feature, but if it’s not for you, another stock boot lid is included. That spare lid is painted Aston Martin Almond green to match the rest of the car and can be easily bolted onto the car.

The car looks stunning with the factory hard top in place. Should you prefer open motoring, the top lifts off with four latches. A custom everflex green tonneau is included, and fits beautifully.


There is too much to share here… if you are interested in more details about this build and the multiple upgrades, you can view the detailed build sheet by clicking here. I have never seen an Austin Healey anything like this one, and I doubt there will ever be another.

Please call (203)-561-6929 if you would like more information or if you are interested in purchasing this stunning motorcar. At a Palm Beach auction in 2018, a restored 1967 Healey 3000 sold for $157k (click here to link to that auction result). This is a one-of-a-kind car. Call if you would like to learn more about this stunning automotive work of art.

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