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Don’t do this to your Bugeye Sprite

We’ve had many issues with the six windshield post screws that hold the stanchions to the side of the windshield frame.

Here’s the proper way to mount these stanchions, with three oval head philips screws per side.

These steel screws thread into the aluminum windshield frame, so it’s easy for people to overtighten them and damage the threads. More importantly, the dissimilar metals will often fuse, which makes it easy to break the screws. Thus, it is common for us to have to re tap the holes or repair them with helicoils. In extreme cases, we have had to TIG weld the butchered holes completely closed and then drill and tap them all over again.

This week, we had our first pop riveted frame. The last restorer must have broken all the screws, so they used rivets instead. It’s not possible to change the windshield rubber glazing with the the stanchions in place (which is what we were hired to do, in this case) so we had to drill out the rivets and hope we could salvage the frame. Once the glass was out, we were able to helicoil the threads and use new proper screws to put the frame back in service once again.

If you have a chance, it’s smart to coat these screws with newer seize or your favorite anti corrosion or anti electrolysis goop. The next restorer will thank you next time your stanchions have to come off!

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