(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Electric Bugeye Sprite… prototype complete.

Hey, Prince of Darkness, perhaps we can appease you with a pint?

We couldn’t resist poking fun at Lucas electrics on the cover of the main battery box of our prototype electric FrogE. This is what you first see under the bonnet, where the 948 power plant once lived. At this point though, the Prince of Darkness has been excommunicated. There are no Lucas electrics in the lithium manganese oxide batteries and related wiring on board.

Our prototype electric Bugeye is now complete. Take a drive with me in the video below, to the Post office to deliver a last minute catalog order. This week we got the regenerative braking working just right, so that that Bugeye has perhaps the best rear brakes in town.

We have regen dialed in now so that with your foot off the gas, you feel as though you’ve made a downshift into second, and the “engine” braking feels pretty authentic, while also putting some juice back into the main batteries. Add a little gas pedal and the car coasts freely. Feather the pedal for one foot driving, with almost no brake pedal needed. Now we have excellent braking to go with the excellent acceleration that comes with this build.

Check out the video drive below, and if you want your Sprite converted to electric power, do get in touch so we can discuss this impressive transformation.

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