(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Proper Bugeye Sprite front latch mechanism

Very few of the Bugeyes that arrive here have the front bonnet lock set-up correctly. Pieces are usually missing, nothing ever lines-up, and the latches almost never work. Let’s face it, the nose weighs so much that it isn’t going anywhere under normal circumstances. (I drove Gumby for 20 years before the car had a nose latch).

These worked, but weren’t pretty, and only hung on one bolt hole

But all bets are off if you crash. You want the nose to stay in place, so it can absorb energy and stay in place should you roll. The nose is a heavy object, and you want to make sure it is secured to the car. Thus every car that leaves our shop goes out into the world with a working nose latch. Rattles are reduced. And it’s just good craft.

You need the cones shown above to plug into your front frame rail. The locking pin moves horizontally to engage the new black plates. The pin is shown in the “locked” position above.

The yellow car shown here had a working mechanism but the locking plates were butchered. Holes were elongated, which made for a bonnet that bounced a bit even while latched. The customer agreed it would be nice to repair this old wound and so we installed new black lock plates as shown.

New lock plates installed

You can buy these pieces in our catalog if yours are missing. They are linked below.

Bonnet lock plates

Bonnet T lock handle

Bonnet lock rods

Bonnet locating pegs

Front frame horns

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