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1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale-supercharged temptress!

Now SOLD to Stacy and Trevor in Illinois! Congratulations!!!

A supercharger in a Bugeye is a beautiful thing. You should be able to hear why I feel that way in the video below:

This is AN5L 37194 “Carmine.” This is a wonderful Sprite. It’s a car we have owned twice before and each time we have owned it, we’ve taken it to a new level. This is about the best Bugeye you can buy, given that it is has been fully sorted and upgraded, twice! Each of the prior owners invested in tons of improvements.

The new owner of this car gets the benefit of their loving care. All the choice goodies are already on-board. Our supercharger upgrade in this car includes a new SU 1.75 inch carburetor, K & N lifetime air filter, alternator conversion, locking choke mechanism, aluminum radiator and uprated cooling fan on a recently rebuilt 1275 engine with an uprated new clutch disk, new pressure plate and upgraded rear main seal. The stock tachometer was converted to an electronic mechanism when the alternator was fit, which makes this instrument much more reliable.

Also loaded in the car is a pair of three point retractible seat belts, electronic ignition, battery kill switch hidden in footwell, cigarette lighter for phone charging and accessories, new top, great tonneau, new windows (still unused) and two nice storage bags (one for the top, one for the windows).

At 74,428 miles we fit a rebuilt ribcase transmission, so the synchros in the car are excellent, still virtually new. We also fit new front shocks and completely rebuilt the front end with new king pins and bushings at that time. Indicated mileage now is just 74,711.

Tires and minilight wheels are also new, about one year ago. Upgraded tapered wheel bearings were also installed at that time, as well as a 3.9 differential for improved highway cruising and of course the marvelous Bugeyeguy twin-tipped muffler that sounds so good in the video above. It’s fed through a sweet exhaust header. We also welded-in a new floor pan on the driver’s side prior to the car’s delivery to the last owner, in central Oregon. Front disk brakes are also fit to this car as is a front sway bar, spin on oil filter, LED headlights, significantly brighter LED brake, park and turn signals and a very loud air horn.

It is quite customary for us to upgrade the cars we sell before delivery. This one has already been fully upgraded and is about as close one can get to a turn-key classic car, upgraded for modern life and modern roadways.

Mileage in the past few years has been under 500. Regularly enjoyed. Seldom driven by the last owner, but he was a great steward who enjoyed upgrading this car. And the next person shall smile on all trips to the Post Office… and beyond.

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