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Great 1960 Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite Driver for sale

SOLD! Tom and Pam will be enjoying time with Doug on the Maryland shoreline this summer! Another Bugeye owner who dated his now wife in a Bugeye a lifetime ago! Welcome back!

This is “Doug” (AN5L 34829), a mostly stock 1960 Bugeye in Olde English white. Doug is ready for Spring!

We’ve owned this car a few different times so we know Doug well. We have made nice modifications and upgrades for each prior owner. Back in March of 2014 when we had it last, we put on new rear bumpers, LED lights throughout, uprated headlights, a larger rear view mirror, new windshield to body gasket, and a dashboard cigarette lighter (in the original washer hole) as well as a new vintage twin-tip Abarth muffler and new carpet throughout (including in the trunk).

For previous owners, we put in a new petrol tank as well as nice three point retractible seat belts. We also provided new side curtains and a padded pouch, as well as a top pouch to protect the rear window. We also put in a new electronic distributor as well as a handsome wood steering wheel and K & N lifetime air filters. These are all great upgrades which the new owner will enjoy.

The 948 engine and original smooth case transmission are working wonderfully. Larger HS2 carbs have been fit, a great upgrade. The car has Spritely performance (just as intended), with the addition of a wonderful exhaust note, courtesy of the best 948 muffler out there. That Abarth twin tip muffler makes the little 948 engine sound like it’s planning to slay giants. This car proves you don’t have to go fast to have a whole lot of fun. Just making a nice noise is half of that fun.

Indicated mileage is 2665 miles, It was about 1200 in 2014, so the car hasn’t been driven much by the recent owners. Doug shines nicely and the interior is quite good. Dashboard is also very good. The tonneau is good, as is the top. Windows are still new. Original gauges all work.

A front bumper is included but we can remove it if the new owner prefers. The bumper has a bit of patina and isn’t quite as nice as the shiny off-white paint… the bumper can be removed, replaced (we have the parts in stock), or left in place. Bumpers are not required on these cars… it is a chrome accent that some owners love and others prefer to remove.

Doug is showing a few small paint blisters and has acquired a dent in the right front nose. The dent can be fixed and that portion of the car can be repainted for about $750. That said, I would not bother, this is a very nice car with great upgrades that is tons of fun to drive. The interior is quite good and the exhaust note intoxicating. This is the car for someone who doesn’t want perfect cosmetics. If you are thinking of addressing any external cosmetics, you would be smarter to invest in one of our other more expensive cars that already has a superior paint job.

Nearly new top and windows!

So if you are looking for a fun driver with less than perfect cosmetics, Doug is your boy. You can have great fun with this car at a very reasonable price. The car shines quite well and still looks quite impressive.

Give a call or send an email if you want to be Doug’s next steward!

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