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Great 1960 Bugeye driver for sale!

NOW SOLD TO Amanda in Texas! Congratulations! She will fly in and drive home to Austin, Molly is going for a great drive! Thanks Amanda!

This is “Molly,” (AN5L 27766) a 1960 Bugeye (titled in 1961). We just got the car back from a customer in Oregon. We had previously owned the car and I was happy to buy it back because I like the way this one is detailed.

This is a 948 four speed drum brake car. Simple.

It was a labor of love of fellow down South who restored the car in the early 20000s. His summary build notes are below, and the a big stack of receipts are include to verify the summary sheet.

The chrome is nice. The paint has some nicks and chips. But the car still presents beautifully and you end up with a sharp Bugeye at a very reasonable price. If you don’t mind a few paint imperfections, you can have a sweet Bugeye for nearly half the price of the mint red Bugeye Aiden currently in our inventory.

Interior is excellent, with nice custom piping on the shift tower, door pockets and seats. A nice off-white tonneau is included, as is a good top and nice side curtains in a padded pouch.

The 948 engine is set up with a single Weber downdraft carburettor, with very few miles on it. A header is installed to help the car breathe.

These wheels are stunning and among my favorites. They are shod with good 175 slightly wider tires.

This is a sharp driver for summer fun. Give a call if you would like to take Molly home!

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