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Exclusive! Bugeye convertible top with zip-down rear window.

It’s hot here this week, and I had the pleasure of driving my BJ8 last evening with the rear zip down window zipped-down. The air was cascading through the cockpit while I was shielded from the sun and just enough of the wind.

Bugeye unzipped. Window rolls once and stays put.

It was pure heaven.

It was also the inspiration for this new and exciting product we have been working on for months… and now it is ready.

Zipped-up and ready for weather.

Our new convertible convertible top is two tops in one… this design will give you a nice shady nest next time you are bombing down the tree-less interstate, or zipping through the desert, or anywhere you need to shield your head from the ravages of the sun.

Twin zippers make window adjustment easy.

And in Spring and Fall, this is a wonderful top that will shield you from the elements as well or better than any top out there. Plus the pattern is modified to make it easier to fit than most of the tops you will find online.

This is our best top ever. You can buy our new convertible convertible top by clicking here.

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