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Fantastic restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Super Sprite for sale

Next to Gumby (my personal green car), this is everyone’s favorite Bugeye here are at the shop. Low. Clean. Sleek. (These are the words people have used when they walk through our doors.) The car is a great balance of pure Bugeye fun with slightly more aggressive styling. NEW! Black tonneau with contrasting white stitching to match the interior…

In particular, we dressed up the interior with our hardura mat set, white constrasting stitching on the dashboard and cockpit trim rail and a sleek chopped down windscreen. The car has our mean twin- tipped muffler and a Ford Five speed transmission mated to a newly rebuilt 1275 engine. Disk are mounted brakes up front and just about everything is new on this car.

This build is perfect for anyone who loves the stock Bugeye but wants it amped-up a bit. The car has a nice lopey idle and a strong perfomance exhaust note once you hit the pedal. It’s a fantastic wind-in your hair machine with the chopped windshield.

Flatter is better.

We are lucky to specialize on Bugeyes… this is a car that has a strong custom car customer base as well as a strong stock car loving crowd. The former community generally wants more power and disk brakes along with a fully synchronized five speed transmission… so for that customer, this car is hard to pass-up.

Ready for lift-off!

This is a limited edition and very special car, packed with custom features. If you want your own super sprite like this one, please give a call and we will ship Bix to your door!

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours