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Outstanding 1960 cherry Red Bugeye Sprite for sale

Lots of little improvements to Hudson are NEW this week– There was a little wrinkle on the dashboard above the horn hub… no more! We removed the wheel and steering hub and re-glued the dash cover to eliminate the wrinkle (these are the details we sweat). We also added top and side curtain photos, they are in nice shape!

We also removed the horrific reproduction flat choke knob and cable and replaced it with the correct original type that matches the starter pull. We changed the turn signal switch while we were at it. Dashboard and switches are now looking better than ever! And we also adjusted the nose so that the wings fit flush on both sides (this is a great fitting nose).

Nice top and windows!

This is “Hudson,” (AN5L 38415) a very strong Bugeye in original cherry red, first titled as a 1961 but built in 1960. The car underwent an impressive ground-up restoration in 2004 and it still looks better than new. Mileage showing is 67,427. Could be original mileage? Always hard to tell but the records might verify that the odometer never turned over.

I like the incredibly detailed records that come with this car. The fellow who commissioned the restoration traced ownership right back to the very first owner. You can see this document in the photo gallery. In fact, the car comes with an impressive notebook with dozens of receipts, including a build sheet for the engine work, also done before 2010 with only about 3000 miles driven since.

The interior is excellent, and the car is great to drive. Engine bay is quite clean too, with the original 948 power plant and four speed transmission.

Top and windows are good, (see photos below) tires are striking period white wall bias-plys. Red with red seats is the correct color, although a big unconventional. This is a great car for anyone who wants a show-ready car and to have a great time driving to events in style!

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