(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Spring Fling

Ride height is forever a challenge in Bugeye-land. This is primarily because no one makes a correct leaf spring anymore. There appears to be just one new quarter-elliptical Bugeye leaf spring available worldwide, and it is a ten leaf version that is too stiff and too high.

A properly leveled stock-looking Bugeye

Spring shops are harder and harder to find, and to re-arch the springs requires lots of flame and black-smithery, which is not exactly available on every street corner these days (nor is it a growth career). In short, if you want the correct spring, it seems you need to go East on a pilgrimage and order a whole lot of them, which is something we have been unwilling to do. 

Lowered Bugeye

And so we have been using lowering wedges which work nicely to adjust the spring height in the back of the car, and our lowering kit in the front. With these parts, you can take a new ten-leaf spring and shim it to attain the proper height, which is exactly what will do on the car pictured below.

Front end is a bit higher than the read (note gap above tire)

The image above shows our latest electric conversion. This car has seen a lot of miles prior to our conversion and you will notice that the rear end is slightly lower than the front.

This is rare. Usually, the rear end sits taller than the front (as you can see in the example below). This particular blue car above has the original 15 leaf springs, and they have sagged after a hard life. The car is bottoming-out on big bumps, and so it is time for these springs to be changed to something more effective.

Too high in back

We will put in the new ten leaf springs and then use our shims to lower the rear of the car to a more normal looking parallel height. If you want to order rear shims or a front lowering kit, click on the links here, so you can adjust your ride height! We sell new ten leaf springs too!

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