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Excellent 1959 Leaf Green Bugeye Sprite for sale!

This is “Harvey,” (AN5L 10626) a 1959 Bugeye with a 948 engine and upgraded 1.5 inch carbs as well as front disk brakes. Also fit are new chrome wire wheels and new tires. We sold this car to a good man in Maryland who drove it roughly 300 miles in the past eight years, and we were more than happy to have the car back when he called because this is a nice one!

Chrome wire wheels and spinners look stunning. This is also a very accurate original leaf green re-spray, if you like this unique original color. Leaf green replaced dark green in the Bugeye line up at car #9927 in January of 1959. This car would have been built about 700 cars after that color change.

The car was restored and repainted probably 15 years ago. In 2006, the engine was rebuilt (receipt is included with the paperwork). I would guess that fewer than 1000 miles have been put on the car since the engine rebuild.

The car performs nicely and is a blast to drive. Interior is excellent. Nice top, tonneau and windows are also included. We just installed a new windshield glass and glazing rubber. We also put in new door seals.

Give a call if you would like to take Harvey home!

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