(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Don’t do this to your Bugeye Sprite.

Don’t cut corners.

It is forever a challenge to get your car right before it goes to paint. And in the case of the car pictured, the builders made an unfortunate mistake.

Look closely in front and behind the rear wheels and you’ll notice that the fender and rocker tips are clipped. These should be a nice fair circular curve. I suspect the fabricator who restored this sheet metal didn’t have reference photos for this piece of the project. Too bad, because so much of the rest of the car looks like it was well thought-out.

Snip, snip.

Here’s a picture of the correct terminations on the ends of the rocker and rear fender bottom. This is also a problem on the front of the rocker panel on many projects, although not on this particular car.

The owner of the leaf green Sprite has repaired this issue, which meant welding-on extensions and blending the paint. He gets credit for trying to make it right and for helping the rest of us try to find these flaws while the car is in primer, not after the paint has dried.

“Original Sprite” by Horler is a good reference tool if you want to see pictures of what is correct. We also have tons of posts on this site, as well as a concours DVD and digital download, to help people avoid similar mistakes.

Follow the circle around the rear tire, this sheet metal is correct.

Bugeyeguys and Bugeyegirls Wanted

Shiny new

Our addition is nearly finished!

In the photo above, you can see how we extended the back of the Quonset hut with a new building and driveway behind. We are right on the Amtrak line (8 miles East of New Haven) so if you are traveling by rail in the NE corridor, look for cool cars in the driveway on the North side of your carriage!

This new space will allow for more projects, ranging from electric conversions and kits to new restorations for gas-powered classics. As we fill this space, we need help. We are growing and are looking to add a few more people to our team, on a part or full-time basis.

We need help building electric Bugeyes, managing our catalog, helping with odd jobs and more. Don’t be shy, if you have some time to spend around our cool cars, please get in touch. If you are a retiree looking for some part time project management work, an electrical engineer, or anyone with experience with automotive parts catalogs, please send an email!

Concours 1957 MGA coupe for sale! One of the nicest coupes you’ll ever find.

This is one of those rare opportunities to buy the best of the best.

I had a chance to drive this beauty this past weekend, courtesy of the mild winter we are having this year. And the car did not disappoint. It is a classic shape that is unparalleled. Even if you have no interest in owning this car, I invite you to appreciate a moment in history when auto designers decided to create this fine sculpture.

This car was completely restored from 2004-20110 and done to an extremely high standard. Throughout the car, the workmanship is impressive. I have seen many MGA coupes in driver condition but never one this nice. If you like extremely well-restored cars, this one deserves serious consideration.

There is something so odd and unlikely about an MGA coupe, it looks like it is “supposed” to be a roadster. And yet there is also something completely stunning and wonderful about the shape of these coupes. They are completely unique and like no other sportscar. I have fallen in love with the shape of this particular rolling sculpture and most people who have seen it agree that it is both elegant and stunning. Roll-up windows are a bonus.

The car was shown at the Hemmings Motor News Concours in Saratoga and it’s ready for all future concours events. It drives wonderfully on recent radial tires, everything works, and it is better than new. Trailer or drive. It’s a pleasure.

The car is completely stock (with the exception of a spin on oil filter adaptor, a welcome addition for easier service) and she needs nothing. She’s built with the original 1500 engine which was completely rebuilt in 2004, along with the transmission which was also rebuilt and treated to new parts as needed (see detailed receipts in photo album below). Original drum brakes are fit and working beautifully. In fact, everything on this car was completely rebuilt. You’ll also notice in the photos that the original wood floors were replaced during the restoration.

This month, I put in brand new and upgraded original type twin six volt batteries (they are wired together to give 12 volts, per the original). These are upgraded batteries with more plates and they are better than most replacement batteries. They should last a good long time.

I bought this about three years ago and have put only 300 fair- weather miles on the car. Indicated mileage is 64,396. It’s time to send it to a new home where it can be driven, enjoyed, shown, and celebrated.

Check out the vintage tool kit and photo documentation of the restoration, stored in the boot, as well as the most elegant door hardware, unique to MGA coupes. Glass is new, rear windows are all put in nicely with no issues (that’s a difficult part of the car to restore properly, and it is done beautifully here).

The car is available for $41,995, in line with the Hagerty value for a #1 condition coupe of this vintage. This is a rare opportunity-you can find MGA coupes for less, but it’s not likely you’ll find one this nice. If you are the kind of collector looking for a stunning example, feel free to call or email!

Restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite!

Looking for a vintage Sprite that looks just like what the factory delivered back in 1960? Meet “Yellow”, a 1960 Sprite (AN5L 36149) that was restored about ten years ago and looks much like the first primrose Bugeye you saw in 1960. The car is fit with correct yellow seat piping and period correct bias ply white wall tires. I also like the vintage Lucas headlights.

The car was completely restored about ten years ago. 42,986 miles show on the clock. New footwell floor pans were installed at that time and the body is quiet solid. The paint still looks great. Interior is great too!

This is a nice stock car with a correct factory interior and the original 948 engine and transmission. We just pulled the engine and changed the clutch, which had been slipping. Front disk brakes were added during the restoration and this is a nice upgrade. A period ammeter also adorns the dashboard. The fuel pump was upgraded to an electric unit. Otherwise, the car is completely stock with the original 948 engine and stock carburetors.

A new top and good top bow is included, which was never fit to the car (we can fit it for you). A nice tonneau is present (as shown in the photos), along with original side curtains that need restoration. The car is also fit with an exhaust header. Original jack is included, along with a good original spare. The boot looks nice with the correct factory inner fiber board panels.

She’s a joy to drive, clean and shiny, and a very solid car. Please send an email or call if you would like to own this car!

1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale– Freshly rebuilt 1275 engine and disk brakes!

Here’s an extremely solid Sprite we bought in California. We call it “Berkley,” and she is known to have lived in California for the past 20 years. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the car has been there since new. It’s rare to find a Bugeye that has all the original sheet metal underneath like this one, so we can be certain this one has been in nice weather for a good long time.

The car is equipped with a rebuilt 1275 engine with under 1000 miles since a major rebuild. That engine is mated to a rib case transmission from a later Spridget, that I presume was also rebuilt, since it shifts smoothly in all gears and has no issues. The synchros are excellent.

The interior is nice, although not brand new. The car has been driven, but not much for the last five or so years. Speedo and tachometer are from later Sprites, but we can change those if the new owner so desires. Speedo reads 22816 miles.

We’ve just changed the master and slave cylinder to new upgraded units and changed the radius arm bushings, all to make the car ready for a new home (not yet pictured). Disk brakes in front are a nice upgrade, and are working great. We’ve also tuned the HS2 (slightly larger, better) carburetors. The car drives wonderfully. Tires are just 2 years old, like new. An electric SU fuel pump is mounted on the rear bulkhead, a nice upgrade.

Muffler is nearly new. Good top and nearly new windows. Excellent side curtain pouch and jack included. The tonneau is a bit worn and needs a repair, which we can do, or we can fit a brand new one if you prefer.

All in all, this is an excellent package, in a sharp color, with a nice finish. There are some paint imperfections on the nose as shown in the photo album, and a few minor paint chips. But the real value of this car is the rust free structure.

Note that even the inside rear fender bottoms (above), which are almost always previously repaired (they trap water), are still quite virgin on this example. You’ll also notice the original primer color in the boot of the car (below).

I believe this car has had just one re-spray since new, and I bet this car was dark green from the factory when new as well.

Call or email if you would like us to ship Berkley to your door!

Be your own Bugeye Sprite

Check out the whimsical Bugeye Sprite with a cameo in a new Paul McCartney music video “Who Cares.” (you can watch the video by clicking here.)

Why a Bugeye Sprite in this new production? You might remember this vintage photo below of Paul and George in in a Bugeye, so perhaps it was Paul’s idea?

But I have a feeling this choice was the idea of the production designer, who managed all the whimsical art and needed a car in the video that would be the appropriate vehicle for anyone who wants to take a stand and stand-up to bullies at the same time.

You might enjoy the “making of” video linked below, to get a sense of how they came up with the visual style for the piece.

Here’s some Bugeye trivia… the original prototype Bugeye had external door hinges as shown in the photo below, kinda like the Bugeye in the video, although the hinges in the video look more like they came from a sureal hardware store than a classic car parts bin.

Bugeye pre-production prototype, note external hinges, chopped front wings, one window top, etc.

So…. who cares if you drive a Bugeye?


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