1960 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 for sale, “just right” driver, called “Bliss!”


Here’s another Bugeye we have sorted fully and sent to a new home, that is now up for sale again. The current owners (in Texas) got this car from us in the summer of 2015, and after three years of ownership they are ready for something new. So we are offering the car for sale once again. The next owner gets the benefit of nearly $10,000 of upgrades done by us for the current owner back in 2015. Some of the best upgrades: Front disc brake kit (drums are shown in the photos, but were replaced after photos), LED lights, three point seat belts, new top, tires, new electronic ignition and new gas tank (old tank is shown in photo gallery, it was replaced after photo). The car is fully sorted and ready to enjoy! It has spent most of its life in dry climate. This car is available now for $19,995.

We call this car “Bliss,” because it wears an original 1962 Fort Bliss base sticker on the front bumper.

I’ve heard lots of Army base Bugeye stories over the years, and here’s car that clearly lived on the Army’s second largest base in the dry Texas/New Mexico climate. And it shows. The car is very solid. [Read more…]

Striking restored 1959 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 for sale!

We call this Sprite “Pedro,” and it’s a beautiful 1959 Bugeye, AN5L 15196. The car was restored by a very passionate and meticulous car guy, who spent countless hours detailing every inch of the car. The result is stunning! The burgundy base/clearcoat paint work is outstanding and this car is a knockout. The car is lowered for an attractive and aggressive stance. This car is available for $24,995.

Take a drive below, and click “read more” below the video to see the photo album…

[Read more…]

Bugeye Sprite Happiness

Proud, happy, fulfilled, comfortable. This how John looks to me in his Bugeye, a recent purchase (not from us). John just put in our windshield post mirrors he purchased from our catalog and sent me this picture of his nice result.

I don’t know if John always looks this content, but this sure looks a picture of Bugeye bliss. Forget how much horsepower, this is the real power of life with a Bugeye Sprite.

Excellent 1960 Austin Healey 3000 Mark 1 BT7 for sale

The sound below is the only sound you need to hear today. NOTHING sounds like a big Healey. Click on the video below and see if you agree. This is a stunning car we have ready for Spring. Turn up the volume and click below!

This 1960 3000 MK 1 BT7 (HBT7L 7549) is a drives beautifully and it’s a cosmetic stunner!

It’s a very sharp restored car that you can drive anywhere. The new chrome exhaust system looks great and roars! The car has also been fit with an upgraded high output starter and spin on oil filter kit, nice additions! We have completely gone through the car, put in a new clutch, replaced the driver’s seat foam to restore the leather seat bottom and fully serviced the brakes.
The body is excellent. The door gaps are all great and this car is ready to drive! The rockers are nicely restored and so are the outriggers and trunk floor. The floor pans are solid. The restoration was done about 20 years ago and the car still looks fresh.

The car has been driven so the underside is not as tidy as you’d find on a car that has been trailered to shows… but this is a car you can drive, without fear that a passing rain shower will ruin your entire weekend, and require hours of underside cleaning.

She starts right up and wants to roll. A great tonneau, windows and top are included (see photo album). The trunk is well-stocked with knock off wire wheel hammer and a spare tube underneath the spare tire. The blue pouch holds a car cover. Take this car on a trip this weekend!

It’s the perfect classic car… use it and enjoy it, and show it and blow people away. She’s nice enough to show yet well-sorted and ready to drive.

The car shows 724 miles. Anyone lusting after the sensual curves of a big Healey will love this car. Call if you would like more details!

This stunning car is available now for $44,995.


1958 Excellent Restored Leaf Green 1275 Bugeye Sprite for sale, “Luigi!”

This is “Luigi,” (AN5L 3057). The car is fully restored and ready for a new owner. It’s a really nice car and it drives great. 1958 Bugeyes are the most rare and have a few unique features you don’t find on the later models. New price! This car is available now for $22,995

This is an early thin windshield 1958 car, about the 2500th made (of about 50,000). Notice the factory gusset in the rocker panel at the “B” pilar, and the early style windshield wiper motor top, visible under the bonnet. These are all rare features original to the early ’58 Bugeyes. Windshield frames changed at car #5277, and the fatter frame continued through the end of the production run. Early cars are getting more and more rare. Thus, Luigi is a very special Bugeye!

The car was named Luigi by “Perry,” the former owner, pictured here. He has lovingly cared for this car during his ownership since 2012. The car was completely restored in about 1985 in Alberta, Canada. Receipts are included for the engine rebuild at that time. In fact, there is a large book full of receipts from both recent owners. Perry brought the car to our shop from his home in Montreal for a major service a few years ago, and he drove the car less than 200 miles since. While he loved the car, he decided to sell it so someone else can enjoy it. The new speedo we installed a few years back now reads just 161 miles. It doesn’t look like the car has traveled many miles at all since the ground-up restoration years ago.

The underside is solid and quite clean and the car is still very sharp.

The car features a strong 1275 12V engine, from a later Sprite or Midget, with many upgrades, including lifetime K and N air filters and better (bigger) HS2 1.25 inch carburettors. It also has an electric fuel pump, auxiliary electric cooling fan mounted in the nose, exhaust header, fuel pressure regulator and coolant overflow reservoir to help keep air out of the cooling system. The electric cooling fan has a switch under the dash board as shown in the photos. There is a nice tonneau included (see picture) as well as new side curtains and a good top.

The interior is leather, the finish is excellent and the car drives beautifully–everything works. We just changed the front brake wheel cylinders to service the brake system. I have driven this car quite a bit and it is ready to go.

If you are wondering about the white reflective cap on the passenger side of the engine bay, it’s just a spray can cap over the fuse box. It’s not something you need, but it’s a nice way to store some reflective tape under the hood. I suspect Perry thought it might keep some moisture off the fuses.

The yellow “Frogari” stickers on the A pillars look great and will come off easily if the new owner desires. They are not hiding anything and were put there strictly for decoration. We should also be able to remove the Calgary event plaque on the dashboard if the new owner prefers (the car was restored in Calgary before Perry bought it). We can work out any cosmetic revisions with the new owner, but the car looks great as it sits. Another nice cosmetic (non-stock) touch is the chrome wheel trim rings.

Cheers Perry! Thanks for taking such good care of this great Frogeye!


1961 Classic Austin Mini Estate Countryman (Woody) For Sale

A ’64 Mini Cooper was the car I owned just before I bought my first Bugeye way back in the 70s, so I have a particular affection for early cars like like the Mini you see here. This one is registered as a 1961 Mini and it has early door hinges, latches and windows, but a more modern interior and dashboard, complete with comfortable headrest equipped seats and a nice wooden dashboard. It’s perfectly nice and wonderful to drive and enjoy as it is now, or, if you are a purist, this car could be converted back to the original interior.

New Price! This car is now available for $16,595- A lot of fun for the money!

The car is fit with a 998 cc engine with a four synchro later gearbox. The engine and gearbox are presumed to be from a later car. It runs great and shifts smoothly.

Drum brakes are fit all around and they work wonderfully, the car stops straight and true. Nice 165/70×10 Yokahama tires are fit to ten inch minilights for a great performance ride.

In September of last year, we performed a major service to this car and made it into a great fun driver. We replaced shocks, ball joints, wheel cylinders, drums and shoes and a host of smaller issues, all with the eye to make the car easy to use and ready to go for the former owner, who used the car sporadically and recently decided to simply sell it to us.

You can now jump in this car and drive anywhere. It starts up easily, runs well and the brakes work great!

If you like these woody wagons, this one will provide exceptional summer fun! Call if you would like to take this one home!

PS: What is the difference between a Traveller and a Countryman?

Answer: Very simply a Morris Mini estate is a Traveller and an Austin Mini estate is a Countryman. Some people wrongly think that one model had the wood and the other didn’t, but both the Morris Mini Traveller and the Austin Mini Countryman were available both as a Woody and as an all steel version.


1960 Fantastic restored Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale! Video drive!

This is AN5L 25015, a 1960 Austin Healey Sprite called “Rose.”

We completely restored this car-in the spring of 2016. It is one of our best ground-up restorations, and everything was brand new and no expense was spared when we assembled the car at that time. She has a rebuilt 948 engine, rebuilt smooth case transmission, rebuilt front end kingpins and new drum brakes.

We have a video drive posted below… if you are looking for a top shelf car, give this one a look! Come for a drive! (this video was shot two years and 2000 miles ago, before the mirrors were installed by the most recent owner. She still looks this good…)

Rose was also beautifully painted in primrose yellow at that time and the paint still looks brand new. The mileage when she last left our building was 21073… it sits now at 22940, so the car has traveled 1867 miles since restoration. Click “read more” for more details and to see the photo album! [Read more…]

How to recover an Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite dashboard

In this post, I share suggestions about dashboard restoration.

Most Sprites suffer from failing vinyl original covering, that has been weathered or otherwise abused. A new dashboard cover really transforms the look of any Spridget.

We normally strive for completely stock dashboards. In the case of my personal car “Gumby,” (above) we used a custom leather cover, further enhanced with custom stitching. But all the dials and switchgear is located in the stock positions, so that the original flavor is preserved. Each job is a bit different, and since Gumby is fuel injected, you’ll notice that the choke hole/knob is missing. Otherwise, it’s important to keep things as close to original as possible.

The hardest part of any recover job is to establish a great foundation. Almost all dashboards have been modified and drilled with errant holes. So the first step is to determine that holes are all in the correct places. If not, you have to weld and fill them to get it right.

On the current dashboard we are restoring, there were only a few extra small holes underneath the speedometer. The heater control hole was also drilled out so we welded a washer on the back to accommodate the correct switch after restoration. The bigger challenge was an over-drilled the ignition switch hole, so we had to weld on a support that would allow the original type to be fit after recover is complete.

Particularly critical is that the sheet metal is absolutely flat, otherwise imperfections will telegraph through the new vinyl covering. We fill and sand the face to make sure we get the best result.

And finally, the radio perforations are a tricky and interesting topic. These are splendid to find unmolested, many cars have had radios (and CBs and eight-track players) fit, so the panels have been punched out by prior owners. So it is common to weld patches to this area.

But what to do when you still have the original perforations in place? They are great to see but actually a liability when recovering your dash, because the can lead to discoloration of your nice new covering. Light, dirt and lack of support seem to make the fabric change over time, at a different rate than the rest of the flat dashboard. You can see the this shown in the photo below on an original dash and covering. Notice how the discoloration follows the original perforations.

What we did in this case, particularly since we are using a tan (non-stock) covering for this project, was to fill the perforations so that our restoration would have maximum longevity. (You can see the new covering laid on the bench above the dash in the photo below.) We tack welded a support behind and then used filler, which is then sanded, to get a smooth and uniform support for the new material.

While it would be really nice to simply leave the perforations open just like they were from the factory, the first time someone fondles the original depressions and stretches the new vinyl covering thus deforming that new material, they are no longer attractive at all! So to protect this restoration investment, we generally choose to fill the original slots. Of course, for a concours restoration this would be a mistake, you need to leave the slots open (if you have them). And if you are a purist and want your car factory correct in every way, do not do this.

At left is a photo of the dashboard recovered. Notice the a nice flat surface on the right portion of the dashboard. The wrinkles on the left side will all disappear once the gauge holes are cut-out. Again, this is a non-stock tan color on a non-stock car so we chose to fill the perforations for the best finished (flat) result.

We sell all the correct pieces for your dashboard restoration. You can find our dash rehab kit by clicking here.

Unearthed! 1958 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 single washer nozzle cowl

If you like Bugeye Sprite trivia, this is a post for you.

We’ve had more than 250 Bugeyes pass through out shop and every one of them has twin windshield washer nozzles on the cowl. Windshield washers were actually optional, but I believe all of the US bound cars were fit with them. All dashboard backs I have seen are marked with crayon W/W (for windscreen washer) and I think it was presumed this was a desirable or required feature for all cars offered at US dealers. They never work terribly well, and who would need a squirter on such an open car anyway, but they were still fit by the factory.

The concours standards mention that very early cars had a single nozzle, but we have never seen this anywhere, and never found any photo reference either, until now. Even our very early concours gold car we prepared (AN5L 552) had dual squirters (if you are unfamiliar, production began with car 501, and not all of the early cars were in sequence). So this must be a rare feature indeed. In the photo above, you can see the two large holes that would normally house the wiper posts. The single hole shown is for a tonneau lift dot fitting on the dash. There are no rear view mirror holes on this cowl, those appear to have been filled at some point-you can still see their outline.

One of our projects for a customer includes cowl restoration on his car. We have had a parts car cowl in our inventory for years, and this was the place to use it. When I dug it out, much to my surprise, here was the single washer plain as day. Thus this old part must have come from a particularly early car. According to the concours standards, twin jet systems were offered “shortly after production began.” Too bad this small cowl panel is all that is left of that particular early car!

I thought others who love this sort of detail would like to see this, so I have posted a few photos here. I cannot confirm that this is factory accurate, but given that the usual twin squirter holes are missing, I have good reason to believe this is a genuine single nozzle set-up.

A lot of the cars we see are missing their washer nozzles, and while they often don’t work, it’s always nice to install them to fill the holes in the cowl. Every restoration looks better once errant holes are filled! We sell (twin-type) squirters (left) in our catalog, you can find them by clicking here. We also sell the often missing washer pump, which looks great when you fill that hole on your dashboard. You can buy that product by clicking here.

1960 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 for sale-Sweet red driver!

Here’s a great car at a great price-$17,995. We have gone through the car, for example, we’ve changed the rear axle pinion seal and rear hub seals, replaced the sticking speedometer with a rebuilt unit, replaced the carburetor needles and seats and now it’s now ready to enjoy! The car comes with nice upgrades and good weather gear. Jump in and go!

“Nemo” (AN5L 29251) is a mostly stock 1960 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1. The original 948 engine is present. We have just upgraded the engine and installed a larger 1098 head, a nice performance upgrade that helps all 948 engines breathe better, courtesy of larger valves and a bigger combustion chamber. These later 1098 heads are a superior design, superior to the original 948 head. The larger head fits without issue, so it’s a wonderful upgrade with no downside. This completely rebuilt head is also built up with hardened valve seats so that the car is now ready for unleaded gas. It runs great!

The car also looks great, and car shines nicely. The body and floors are solid. The dashboard features all the correct switches and gauges in their factory locations. (I love a dashboard that has everything still collect.)

This is a nice driver that will turn heads everywhere you go.

The interior is mostly new, including new carpet, new inside black panels, new door pockets and new door weather seals. The top and windows are quite nice too! The car is also fit with good three-point seat retractible seat belts, a really nice option. These belts retract behind the seats and they are easy to use.

Tires are nice 175s, a bit wider than stock for nice handling. They have seen very few miles.

A spin on oil filter kit has also been added, which makes oil changes a lot easier to execute.

This is a great car for anyone looking for an impressive and attractive classic at a great price.

Call if you would like more details about how to take Nemo home!