The long and winding Bugeye road

I have to confess that I am not happy with the tension in the air these days. Seems like every time I turn on the radio, the world has turned inside out. Nothing is as I once knew it. This week, the Russsians are coming, the Russians are coming! But this time, we invited them. Not much makes sense anymore. So when I meet a guy like Timothy Princehorn (pictured here), it brings me back to a time where I at least had my footing, a time I sorely miss.

Timothy bought this Teal Bugeye from our inventory, flew up here from Tennessee, poured himself into his new car and, for his maiden voyage, headed out today on a five hour soujourn to Syracuse, New York.
Simple. Unencumbered by any news, fake or otherwise. Both sides of the aisle agree. Bugeyes are good for you. Long Bugeye drives are even better. No top. No windows. No A/C. No back-up camera. No problem. It made sense back then. It still makes a lot of sense now.

Bugeyeguy Driveway-Mile Zero

Thanks Timothy. Thank you for keeping the flame alive. Thanks for diving in. Thanks for living and re-living the simple dream of a boy (or girl) and their sportscar.

(And after a week in Syracuse area with family, Tim heads South to Tennessee in his new Bugeye. That’s a nice summer drive!)

How to give someone you love a Bugeye Sprite

Watch what happens in the video below, as Brin (from Issaquah, Washington) wins a car detailing kit at a local car show, and something much bigger that comes with it!

This video wins our award for one of the top inspiring Bugeye videos. Thanks to husband Loren, father Sam and all additional co-conspirators who deserve a Gold Star for Brin’s moving gift!

Old dog, new Bugeye Sprite

Meet “Dino” (circa 1970), a devoted dog who would routinely jump in dad’s Bugeye and spend hours waiting for him to come home. Dad was in the military and stationed overseas, which left Dino longing. Now, about 50 years later, dad has bought our Bugeye “Rose” this week (our 226th sold, below), to celebrate those days, and a passion for these cars that that will never die.

Congratulations Tom! Enjoy your new Bugeye!

Bag ‘O Bugeye

Bud’s Florida Keys Bugeye (purchased here) was flooded in the last hurricane, and he didn’t want to take any chances this season when he headed North, so this time he left his car in a waterproof bag. The car is shown here in Florida garage, on a strip of Florida real estate within sight of both the Ocean and The Gulf.

I am a bit worried the car will be knee-deep in mildew and sea monkeys when he opens the bag this fall (probably should have a vent) but the photo is wonderful as it invites many captions. Please send us your favorite, and we will post them here. All I can think of is the little desiccant pouches that come in my vitamins. I hope Bud threw in about 100 of them!

Best caption? From Dan C…. “What temp do you set the oven on again?”
Thanks Dan!

Do this with your Bugeye Sprite

Jeff Hoover last drove this car 33 years ago, and now that it runs again, here’s a picture of him and his dad, out for a drive.

Jeff reports that at least half a dozen guys at dad’s assisted living facility shared Sprite stories, and that everyone became quite excited at the facility when Jeff arrived in the Frogeye. One reason we love Bugeyes is for the stories and the memories.

Jeff’s car will be heading here soon for further sorting, from Idaho, where these pictures were shot. Jeff, by the way, owns several old British cars and is also the architect for our Quonset Hut renovation and expansion. You can see more about Jeff’s firm by clicking here.

Here are some pictures of our building before and after, and we are glad that Jeff shared the vision for transforming this wonderful space!

Austin Healey Tattoo

I think I missed my opportunity to get a tattoo, so this is the next best expression of my permanent commitment to this brand.

This week we worked on engraving some select parts with Austin Healey script, and I was lucky to capture that work in progress. If Iris blue hair is a bit of a stretch for you too, I trust you will enjoy this video as a vicarious thrill.

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