(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Super video drive in a Super Sprite

This car looks and feels and drives the way it does only because of the experience we have gained from the more than 250 Sprites that have come before it. Every modification, every choice, every detail is the result of what we have learned from the cars that have passed through our doors.

Come with me on a drive in the video below and see if you can tell what makes this particular car so special (hint, it’s upgraded just the right amount to enhance but not lose sight of its DNA).

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Awesome restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale

This is a 1960 Bugeye #AN5L 47854 (“Zoya”). We sold this car in 2012 to a wonderful man in Maryland (Rod) who, sadly, passed away this year. He set up the car exactly how he wanted and it’s a good one. I know Rod would be happy to see the car going to a good new home.

We got friendly during the build of this car and he was quite conscientious. You can see the pre-build video below. We heaped a large serving of upgrades on this car, and thus the new owner will get the benefit of Rod’s care and investment.

The car has a 948 engine with an upgraded 1098 head (with hardened valve seats) and a new stainless header and exhaust system, mated to a rebuilt four-speed rib case transmission. The speedo currently shows 807 miles.

This is a rebuilt unit we provided, which would have started at zero. The original speedo showed 74266 miles when we had the car in 2012 but actual mileage is unknown. You can assume that Rod put about 1000 miles on the car after he purchased it from us.

Nice top and sidecurtains are included, as well as nice protective bags

Other great upgrades installed in 2012 include new wire wheels and tires, new header and performance muffler, cigarette lighter (in the original washer pump hole), arm rest and cupholder, alternator upgrade, electronic tachometer and other upgrades all shown in the video above .

Since 2012, Rod upgraded the car further with a vacuum brake booster. The booster, by the way, dramatically reduces peddle effort and is a nice upgrade if you like more modern pedal effort on your classic car brakes. He also added an electric cooling fan for parades and fit an impressive stereo system, with speakers hanging below the dash. This retro sound system can be removed if the new owner prefers but it makes a nice sound.

If you are looking for a well-sorted and extremely well-optioned car, this is a great candidate. There’s a lot here, including K & N life time air filters, a custom valve cover, new shocks, air horn, new seats, top tonneau and windows, with storage pouches, custom seat belts and more. Give a call if you would like to be the new steward of this fine car!

Awesome restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale with wire wheels and all the right upgrades!

This is one shiny plum.

If you love aubergine early Porsche 911s, this one evokes a similar delicious color scheme. Not a stock color here but a very smart color choice that looks stunning on this car!

This is “Eggplant” (AN5L 49187), a Bugeye built in late 1960 (near the end of production) and titled as a 1961. The car was originally red and was completely stripped to bare metal in 1999. She was then painted this very deep and luscious color of aubergine. She shines beautifully!

This is a great performance Bugeye with 175 (wider) tires, front disk brakes, rebuilt 1275 engine (with under 100 miles) and a nice ribcase transmission. Nice chrome wire wheels are a bonus.

These are quite popular, and properly mounted on the factory splines (not the dangerous bolt-on conversion) The car has been completely rebuilt with all new parts very few miles ago, which makes this a very attractive and very sporty Sprite. This one is available for $24,995

Engine bay is very tidy. Nice exhaust header! And signed by Donald Healey’s son Brian (BIC)! Very nice top, tonneau and side curtains are also included. See photo album below for photos of the weather gear.

Call if you are interested, this is a very nice car!

Striking five speed 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale! New Video!

This is a “Goldie” (AN5L 10900), a 1959 Bugeye with a striking metallic gold paint job. This is a performance Bugeye, with a street friendly 1275 engine, front disk brakes, 175 (wider) tires, minilight wheels and a Datsun five speed transmission.

This car also has a flip forward nose for better engine access and an alternator upgrade, as well as a roll bar and stereo system. This would be a great car for anyone wanting to enjoy overdrive cruising in fifth gear. These five speeds also offer fully synchronized gear shifting so anyone can drive this car with ease.

Drive video below!

Nice note!

This is a striking Bugeye, with all the popular performance upgrades. If you are new to “the bugisphere,” there’s a strong demand for tastefully modified cars, and this one is no exception, as it provides better traction, more power, improved cooling courtesy of an aluminum radiator, a fully synchronized gearbox, improved disk brakes, and upscale stronger and nicer wheels. Also fit is an exhaust header, spin on oil filter and alternator.

The exhaust note is sublime. The car is tight and quick. This one is for sale for $22,995. Fly in and drive it home!

If you are looking for a solid Bugeye with nice upgrades, this car is a great option!

Fantastic restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Super Sprite for sale

Next to Gumby (my personal green car), this is everyone’s favorite Bugeye here are at the shop. Low. Clean. Sleek. (These are the words people have used when they walk through our doors.) The car is a great balance of pure Bugeye fun with slightly more aggressive styling. NEW! Black tonneau with contrasting white stitching to match the interior…

In particular, we dressed up the interior with our hardura mat set, white constrasting stitching on the dashboard and cockpit trim rail and a sleek chopped down windscreen. The car has our mean twin- tipped muffler and a Ford Five speed transmission mated to a newly rebuilt 1275 engine. Disk are mounted brakes up front and just about everything is new on this car.

This build is perfect for anyone who loves the stock Bugeye but wants it amped-up a bit. The car has a nice lopey idle and a strong perfomance exhaust note once you hit the pedal. It’s a fantastic wind-in your hair machine with the chopped windshield.

Flatter is better.

We are lucky to specialize on Bugeyes… this is a car that has a strong custom car customer base as well as a strong stock car loving crowd. The former community generally wants more power and disk brakes along with a fully synchronized five speed transmission… so for that customer, this car is hard to pass-up.

Ready for lift-off!

This is a limited edition and very special car, packed with custom features. If you want your own super sprite like this one, please give a call and we will ship Bix to your door!

Restored Primrose 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite!

PRICE REDUCTION! Now $23,495. The perfect car for anyone looking for a stock Sprite with a front disk brake upgrade.

Meet “Prim,” a 1960 Sprite (AN5L 36149) that was completely restored about ten years ago. The car was built to look completely stock, right down to the bias-ply wide white wall tires. I also like the vintage Lucas headlights.

42,986 miles show on the clock. New footwell floor pans were installed during the restoration. The body is quite solid. The paint still looks great. Interior is great too!

This is a great car for anyone who wants a mostly stock Bugeye, fit with the original 948 engine and transmission. Front disk brakes were added during the restoration and this is a nice upgrade. A period ammeter also adorns the dashboard.

New top, fit to car!

The fuel pump was upgraded to an electric unit. The car is also fit with a period exhaust header. Otherwise, the car is completely stock, with the original 948 engine and stock carburetors. We just changed the clutch kit, which had been slipping, so she now has a completely new clutch with fewer than 50 miles.

We also just fit a new top to the car. A nice tonneau is also present (as shown in the photos), along with original side curtains, which need restoration. The original jack is included, along with a good original spare tire. The boot looks nice with the correct factory inner fiber board panels.

She’s a joy to drive, clean and shiny, and a very solid car. Please send an email or call if you would like to own this car!

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours