(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Inexpensive restored Bugeye for sale for summer fun! (Or convert to electric?) $12,495.

I bought this car to offer customers an inexpensive yet solid Bugeye. You’ll never find another Bugeye freshly-restored and rust-free, equipped with wire wheels, disk brakes, a rebuilt transmission, lower (highway) rear end ratio and an upgraded/more powerful rebuilt engine for this price. This offer gives those of you on a budget a chance to get into the game with a really nice car at a very reasonable price.

The car is affordable because it is built on a 1976 Midget platform. However, unlike Bugeye noses on square Spridget bodies, this car got a new nose as well as a new Bugeye rear clip, so it looks very much like a Bugeye. The nose, rear fenders and deck are fiberglass which makes the whole package lighter, and which also opens up the possibility of converting this car to an electric FrogE.

If you are interested in our electric conversions, you can purchase the car from us and then hire us to convert the car to electric, and, once complete, we can send it right to your door. In this way, you don’t have to budget for an expensive restoration before the electric conversion begins.

While we can be purists (as evidenced by the national level concours gold Sprite we built a few years ago), this is a car for the rest of the world. It’s simple and looks and feels pretty much like a 1275 disk brake equipped Bugeye. One big benefit is the half elliptical (later) rear leaf springs, which make the ride more plush. The single carb 1500 engine has plenty of pep. It has a spin on oil filter, alternator, dual master cylinders, and expansion tank cooling system, all benefits courtesy of this later Midget platform.The wire wheels are the proper factory original style, (not the dangerous bolt-on conversion).

Give a call if you want to take this car home. It’s quite sharp with tons of curb appeal with either the current (quite-capable) gas power plant or an electric conversion.

Right Hand Driver 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale

If I could only have one British Sports car, this one would be at the top of my list. It’s inexpensive, fun to drive, nice (but not too nice) and will be the only one at just about every car show this summer (only RHD Bugeye, that is).

This is “Righty,” AN5 48822, a home market bugeye purchased from an air force veteran in England and imported years ago, perhaps in 1985 by a prior owner who had the car from 1985 through 2011 in Minnesota. In 2011, the car went to Alabama, where it rested until 2019 when we brought it here. Car #49201 was the last Bugeye, BTW.

The Notice the lack of an “L” in the vin number, which designates a home market original RHD car.

We recently refreshed the mechanicals to put this great car back on the road. We have rebuilt all the hydraulics-new slave, master and rear wheel cylinders- and also the original carburetors-the correct H1 carbs are working great and the engine runs strong. By the way, this appears to be a factory gold seal rebuilt 948 engine, a nice novelty.

Front disk brakes are present, a nice upgrade, as are new tires from 2011, with less than 25 miles. 12,205 miles are showing on the odometer. The back of the cockpit has been enlarged slightly, a modification we have seen on several cars through the years. While non-stock, it seems popular since some folks seem to like the larger cockpit and better access to a parcel shelf. This rear deck modification accomplishes that goal.

The wood interior kit is also an unusual modification. We’ve heard more than once that this sort of wood trim kit was a factory option, but this was never the case. An industrious woodworker took on this cockpit and there is something quite charming about it from my perspective, as it speaks to the way these cars were inexpensive and accessible. People have been modifying their Sprites for eons, why should this one be any different?

Gold seal factory rebuilt 948 engine plaque. Runs strong!

Underneath the wood trim you can clearly see the original RHD Bugeye foundation, which is a lot of fun. For example, of the perhaps 100 master cylinders we have changed over the years, RHD masters are shrouded by the heater blower, which, while easy to remove, changes the nature of this particular job, and reminds us where these cars were built (should we ever forget).

This car runs and drives great. RHD turns up the smile factor that much more, and I appreciate a chance to be ambidextrous with my gear shifting. I think you will too.

Every British car should come with a soap dish in the cockpit! (actually an ashtray… mind the carpet underneath!)

The underside is solid on this car. The passenger side rocker panel is a bit rumpled. The story that came with the car is that the rocker was replaced by a prior owner and damaged in shipping but still installed anyway because the eventual repaint prep would smooth it out anyway. I can find no crash damage.

A two-piece top bow is included and this fits snugly in the boot. The original tonneau could be restored, but I would suggest a new one.

I would not repaint this car. It looks just fine as is. If you want a fresh paint job, we have other Bugeyes that provide a higher level of finish, albeit for a higher price.

I hope you will give this car a serious look and if you want to talk about making “Righty” your own, we look forward to the opportunity to ship it to your door!

Best of the best 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale

This is “Aiden,”(AN5L 15221).

After the roughly 250 Bugeyes that we have loved, we can say with confidence that this is one of the best. Take a good look if you are the type of person who loves exceptionally well-restored cars. This one is better than any new Bugeye… the build and finish quality is far better than what you would find in the dealership in 1959.

What makes it better is the last restorer. The fellow who restored this car (and completed it in 2010) was a master. He clearly spent a lot of time getting every panel gap just right, because this is not the norm for a car that was $1,795 when new. Every seam and gap is perfect.

He also used a chip guard paint in the wheel wells, under the car and under the hood. This is not the way the factory did things… probably because of cost of material and complexity that would impractical given manufacturing line application… but this had made a huge difference and helped keep the underside of this car looking brand new.

It hasn’t been used much since restoration. 29,364 shows on the odometer and the car presents as though it has been driven fewer than 1000 miles since completion.

Other great features… the builder painted the inside of the drive shaft tunnel… no one does that… and the car has AH emblems on the three point seat belts… very elegant. Handsome wood steering wheel, uprated cam, K&N lifetime air filters, custom fuse box weather protector. Electric fuel pump upgrade. Spin on oil filter too.

This car is top shelf.

What impresses me the most is that this car is still perfect nearly eight years after the rebuild was completed. The car still looks like a new ground-up restoration. I salute the restorer for this particular car. He did an exceptional job.

The car has a four speed smooth case gear box and stock 948 engine, with larger HS2 1.25 inch carbs. Front disk brakes were also added. The car rides on premium Michelin XWX radials. I love the look of these tires- but few builders choose them because they are significantly more expensive than the other brands available.

The car is loaded with nice top and windows, both in custom storage pouches. New tonneau in 2014, new top and side curtain pouches too. New sleeved master cylinder in 2015.

Big Healey gold face gauges are installed. These are of course non-stock but the correct vintage… I love the way they look… a nice touch for a bit more style… and if you don’t like them, we can have plenty of other gauge options available. Call to discuss making this car your own!

You’ll be hard pressed to find another this nice that you can drive and show! You can see the restoration album video below.

There are only so many great examples like this one… and it would cost a whole lot more to build one than the asking price.

Call if you are interested in owning Aiden, one of the best!

Great 1960 Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite Driver for sale

This is “Doug” (AN5L 34829), a mostly stock 1960 Bugeye in Olde English white. Doug is ready for Spring!

We’ve owned this car a few different times so we know Doug well. We have made nice modifications and upgrades for each prior owner. Back in March of 2014 when we had it last, we put on new rear bumpers, LED lights throughout, uprated headlights, a larger rear view mirror, new windshield to body gasket, and a dashboard cigarette lighter (in the original washer hole) as well as a new vintage twin-tip Abarth muffler and new carpet throughout (including in the trunk).

For previous owners, we put in a new petrol tank as well as nice three point retractible seat belts. We also provided new side curtains and a padded pouch, as well as a top pouch to protect the rear window. We also put in a new electronic distributor as well as a handsome wood steering wheel and K & N lifetime air filters. These are all great upgrades which the new owner will enjoy.

The 948 engine and original smooth case transmission are working wonderfully. Larger HS2 carbs have been fit, a great upgrade. The car has Spritely performance (just as intended), with the addition of a wonderful exhaust note, courtesy of the best 948 muffler out there. That Abarth twin tip muffler makes the little 948 engine sound like it’s planning to slay giants. This car proves you don’t have to go fast to have a whole lot of fun. Just making a nice noise is half of that fun.

Indicated mileage is 2665 miles, It was about 1200 in 2014, so the car hasn’t been driven much by the recent owners. Doug shines nicely and the interior is quite good. Dashboard is also very good. The tonneau is good, as is the top. Windows are still new. Original gauges all work.

A front bumper is included but we can remove it if the new owner prefers. The bumper has a bit of patina and isn’t quite as nice as the shiny off-white paint… the bumper can be removed, replaced (we have the parts in stock), or left in place. Bumpers are not required on these cars… it is a chrome accent that some owners love and others prefer to remove.

Doug is showing a few small paint blisters and has acquired a dent in the right front nose. The dent can be fixed and that portion of the car can be repainted for about $750. That said, I would not bother, this is a very nice car with great upgrades that is tons of fun to drive. The interior is quite good and the exhaust note intoxicating. This is the car for someone who doesn’t want perfect cosmetics. If you are thinking of addressing any external cosmetics, you would be smarter to invest in one of our other more expensive cars that already has a superior paint job.

So if you are looking for a fun driver with less than perfect cosmetics, Doug is your boy. You can have great fun with this car at a very reasonable price. The car shines quite well and still looks quite impressive.

Give a call or send an email if you want to be Doug’s next steward!

Striking Red 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale

This is “Robin” (AN5L 32598), a stunning mostly stock Bugeye with a front disk brake upgrade. Interior is new, paint is excellent, engine is fresh, this car is ready for fun! We’ve just gone through and tuned the engine, and put in our ignition guillotine to stabilize the ignition switch. She’s ready!

This was a dry Arizona car that began a four-year restoration about 11 years ago. The car comes with a book full of receipts describing all the expenditures. The California owner stripped the tub (as shown below) and had the car painted with a striking base/clear bright red finish.

Here’s a 2006 photo, during the ground-up restoration.

The car shines beautifully.

All the usual new parts were added that you would expect, including a new wiring harness, grill, badges, bumpers, etc. as well as a new wood steering wheel and leather covered shift knob. The radiator and heater were recored, the suspension was completely renewed with the addition of front disk brakes.

February, 2007. All the rest of the pictures are current, in our shop.

The 948 engine was rebuilt with flat topped 040 pistons and a 1098 head with larger valves, as well as larger HS2 carbs which have been completely rebuilt with new throttle shafts and all new parts. A larger exhaust system helps the car breathe, and helps improve performance. The spin-on oil filter is a nice upgrade. Crank damper was upgraded too. The car is peppy, and a lot of fun, with only about 2000 miles traveled since restoration. She still looks new and sounds great.

The interior is excellent, with firm new seat foams and covers, and new carpet throughout. The only downgrade here is a speedo and tach from a later Spridget, but our new GPS speedo and electronic tach are attractive options should the new owner so desire to replace these instruments.

Glass and all rubber is new too, as is the battery (2017) and great 155 radial tires (2018). Lap belts are installed. A nice top bow is included but no top (although we can fit one). The tonneau is also in good shape.

The original smooth-case 4-speed gearbox was rebuilt as well. This is a very attractive package and a very nice car!

Please give a call or email if you would like us to ship Robin to your door.

1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale-supercharged temptress!

A supercharger in a Bugeye is a beautiful thing. You should be able to hear why I feel that way in the video below:

This is AN5L 37194 “Carmine.” This is a wonderful Sprite. It’s a car we have owned twice before and each time we have owned it, we’ve taken it to a new level. This is about the best Bugeye you can buy, given that it is has been fully sorted and upgraded, twice! Each of the prior owners invested in tons of improvements.

The new owner of this car gets the benefit of their loving care. All the choice goodies are already on-board. Our supercharger upgrade in this car includes a new SU 1.75 inch carburetor, K & N lifetime air filter, alternator conversion, locking choke mechanism, aluminum radiator and uprated cooling fan on a recently rebuilt 1275 engine with an uprated new clutch disk, new pressure plate and upgraded rear main seal. The stock tachometer was converted to an electronic mechanism when the alternator was fit, which makes this instrument much more reliable.

Also loaded in the car is a pair of three point retractible seat belts, electronic ignition, battery kill switch hidden in footwell, cigarette lighter for phone charging and accessories, new top, great tonneau, new windows (still unused) and two nice storage bags (one for the top, one for the windows).

At 74,428 miles we fit a rebuilt ribcase transmission, so the synchros in the car are excellent, still virtually new. We also fit new front shocks and completely rebuilt the front end with new king pins and bushings at that time. Indicated mileage now is just 74,711.

Tires and minilight wheels are also new, about one year ago. Upgraded tapered wheel bearings were also installed at that time, as well as a 3.9 differential for improved highway cruising and of course the marvelous Bugeyeguy twin-tipped muffler that sounds so good in the video above. It’s fed through a sweet exhaust header. We also welded-in a new floor pan on the driver’s side prior to the car’s delivery to the last owner, in central Oregon. Front disk brakes are also fit to this car as is a front sway bar, spin on oil filter, LED headlights, significantly brighter LED brake, park and turn signals and a very loud air horn.

It is quite customary for us to upgrade the cars we sell before delivery. This one has already been fully upgraded and is about as close one can get to a turn-key classic car, upgraded for modern life and modern roadways.

Mileage in the past few years has been under 500. Regularly enjoyed. Seldom driven by the last owner, but he was a great steward who enjoyed upgrading this car. And the next person shall smile on all trips to the Post Office… and beyond.

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours