Bugeye Sprite on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee…

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 1.28.25 PMClick Here to watch a fun new video of Jerry Seinfeld’s web based car/coffee series!

I spoke to the series producer several times about Jerry using one of the Bugeyes we shipped to the West Coast but it didn’t work out. I don’t know the specific car that was used, but it’s a fun video of a nice Bugeye. Enjoy!

Another Bugeye Sprite transformed!




Here’s what we have been up to… Luigi came to us from Montreal looking good but not optimized, and after roughly 50 improvements, the car is transformed. Like most Bugeyes (and old British cars in general) there are issues that have not been addressed over the years, and we are getting quite good at sorting them out after the 140 Bugeyes that have passed through our door. It’s a constantly evolving process as we learn from every failure in the field, and push towards perfection. It’s never easy, since we are dealing with more than 50 year old pieces, and often new parts that are inferior. It’s a dance of blending old and new with a lot of fabrication and innovation, all to keep these cars on the road and working beautifully. We’re not perfect, but every car teaches us how to make these cars better than ever.

Take Luigi’s carbs for example… we could see that the front and rear jets were set at radically different heights, and even though the car ran reasonably well, we knew that the asymmetry was a clue that we could do better. Upon disassembly, we discovered that the float jets were mismatched, the carb springs were uneven and mismatched and the float levels were different. We rebuilt everything with rich needles which seem to work better with today’s ethanol fuel, and the car now runs far better with much improved throttle response.

And that’s just one system that we improved… when each system on the car is optimized, the driving experience becomes pure bliss. Lots of Bugeyes are tentative when we get them (especially ebay cars), feeling somewhat loose and unstable. Luigi’s owner and I tossed the car around a bit in the parking lot to demonstrate that the car is now solid and tight, and the resulting driver confidence is what makes these cars so much fun to drive.

We also transformed the cosmetics on this car, by wet sanding the entire exterior to bring the paint back to life. You can see the before picture above as Luigi gets striped of his former orange peel. This work too must be done really carefully because burn through is a constant risk. But the final result is a deep shine for great looks and great performance.

Whether you buy one of our cars (we have six for sale at present, see “current inventory” in the right margin) or you send your car to our facility for transformation, we strive to make these cars into blissful little machines.

Bugeye Sprite racer takes to the track!


IMG_6260You may remember the white Bugeye race car (“Bonnie”) we prepared a few months ago for Karlo in Vancouver (see my driving video in our parking lot)… here it is in the video below blasting around the track in one of Karlo’s first novice races. We are delighted to see the car working so well and you can also see Karlo getting stronger and stronger with every lap! Click on “full screen” so you can ride along and watch his tachometer!

The car does have a bit of an erratic misfire when flat out, which unfortunately allows “the other Bugeye” to pass Karlo on the straight. But Karlo does a nice job of fighting back!
Karlo bought this racer off the web, invested in the car to get it race-ready, committed to the training, and heres a great story of a new and young racer launching a strong new race habit in his Bugeye. I am sure he will further tweak the car and we’ll see more in-car racing footage in the future!

Karlo also bought “Roxy” from our inventory, into which we installed a modern supercharger unit for fast street use. That car which will be featured in a major car magazine next month.

Bravo Karlo!

Austin Healey Sprites, Midgets and Big Healeys, hill climb racing action!

I had a great time watching this video and thought you would enjoy it too. It’s amazing to see how many interesting Sprite variants there are, and they are all interesting to me. In this video you’ll see an array of fiberglass noses on the fronts of both Bugeyes and later Spridgets. You’ll also see a fastback or two, and all these modifications are available for any of the cars in our inventory. We look forward to continuing to expand the custom work we do in our shop!

Click the full screen icon (lower right on the window) and turn up the volume for maximum enjoyment!

It doesn’t always look so effortless… check out this video below too!

This is a great 1275 powered 1960 Bugeye for sale called “Elliot”-take a test drive!


Elliot is now sold and will soon head to Michigan! Congratulations Marty!

Come for a drive in “Elliot,” a quick little Sprite, with a 1275 engine, disk brakes and wire wheels. We have him for sale at $18,995, which is very reasonable for a sorted and well-modified wire wheel car. Click the test drive video above!

This is a super nice car with a number of great modifications. For example, [Read more…]

How it feels to be strapped into a Bugeye Sprite full-on Race car! Test drive!

We had a lot of fun preparing this race car for a great customer of ours in Vancouver, Canada. He has the supercharged car “Roxy” that we modified, and he recently asked us to prepare this dedicated Bugeye racer so he could get some track time and begin his racing career.

The car had been sitting for some time and [Read more…]

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