(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

How to give someone you love a Bugeye Sprite

Watch what happens in the video below, as Brin (from Issaquah, Washington) wins a car detailing kit at a local car show, and something much bigger that comes with it!

This video wins our award for one of the top inspiring Bugeye videos. Thanks to husband Loren, father Sam and all additional co-conspirators who deserve a Gold Star for Brin’s moving gift!

Who drives Bugeye Sprites?

Heather brought us her Bugeye this week for sorting-she bought it online, and it’s not as sure-footed as she would like-we’ll fix it, and extract that last 20% to make this nice car into a spectacular driver!

Of note: this is the first Bugeye we’ve ever had delivered in a horse trailer.

It’s the first time a Bugeye ever came to us with it’s own custom satin sheets and pajamas.

It’s also the first time anyone ever dressed-up after dropping off their car (actually she was heading to a concert).

We’ll take her new purchase and fix the various rattles and noises, and upgrade the interior cosmetics, and then back into the horse trailer it goes for the trip home!

Thank you Heather, for the opportunity to make your car great!

Picture of the week- Frogeye Beatle Sprite

Here’s some beautiful Bugeye music–that’s George Harrison and Paul McCartney in a Bugeye, Circa 1960.

Lucy in the Sky with Bugeyes!

Picture of the week-Breathing new life into a Bugeye Sprite

Ah, the joy of bringing a Bugeye back to life, as shown by Casey here, who is nearing the end of a multi-year restoration project with parts largely sourced from our online catalog, in which you can find every part for your Sprite (and what you can’t find we will be adding shortly, new products added weekly). Click here check out our catalog.

Congratulations Casey! You’ll be on the road soon!

Skinny Mini Bugeye Sprite

I found this picture online which sure looks like a photoshop image and not the real thing. But the concept is great, and I would love to have one of these on the luggage rack of my Bugeye, for deploying when I need to fit into a tight space where no normal Bugeye would dare venture.

Who wants to make one?

Picture of the week – How to sell British cars, circa 1959

The Bugeye Sprite was introduced in Monte Carlo (just before the Monaco Grand Prix) on May 20, 1958, which would have been after the NY Auto show held in April 1958. Thus we believe this to be the 1959 or 1960 New York auto show BMC show booth.

There are many nice things to notice about this period photo, like the featured Morris Minor rear end and the cardboard under the car to catch dripping oil.

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