(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Restored, upgraded and sorted 1960 primrose Bugeye Sprite for sale!

NOW SOLD to Peter from New Jersey! Congratulations!!!

If you are looking for a completely restored and upgraded 1275 and disk brake-equipped Bugeye (that still looks stock), this is a great choice!

This is “Donovan,” (AN5L 32516). In 2012, we completely restored this car with great upgrades, and then sent it in 2013 to South Carolina, where is has lived with a customer since. He’s put just 400 miles on the car since 2013, and so when he offered it to me, I was delighted to have the car back so I could offer it here. It’s still like a newly restored Bugeye, and someone is going to get a very nice car loaded with smart upgrades.

This car was stripped and painted and the build includes impressive add-ons which will make the new owner quite happy.

This includes a rebuilt 1275 engine, rebuilt transmission, front disk brake upgrade, electronic ignition in a new distributor, spin on oil filter, K and N lifetime air filters, front sway bar, air horn, new shocks, LED brake lights, rebuilt carbs, electronic fuel pump, exhaust header and stainless muffler.

The interior is loaded with new parts including new panels, carpet, seats and cover, door liners, door gaskets and the dashboard was removed, welded up and filled to make a nice flat surface for the new vinyl covering. The dashboard is beautiful, with everything in the correct place just as it left the factory. Then we polished the cockpit trim and powder coated the windshield assembly.


You can see the new carpet below, now protected by rubber footwell mats.

There’s too much to list, but there is a new top and sidecurtains in protective pouches and a nice tonneau. Three point retractable seat belts are installed, each buckle with a custom cloisonné emblem attached to the buckle. There’s a hidden cigarette lighter/accessory plug and trickle charger hard wired too.

The last owner spent generously on this car to make it wonderful, and now you can enjoy a car that has been thoroughly sorted in our shop. It’s a good one.

Give a call if you want to take Donovan home!

Outstanding 1960 cherry Red Bugeye Sprite for sale

Now sold to David in Martha’s Vineyard!!! Congratulations!

This is a great car with really nice panel gaps and a very handsome color scheme. I happen to love the red on red color scheme, it’s completely correct and appropriate for the era! You just don’t see this kind of color grouping anymore, and it’s part of the fun! If it were my car, I would add a red top too to match! (and a white top would also look great, although there is nothing wrong with the current black top…)

This is “Hudson,” (AN5L 38415) a very strong Bugeye in original cherry red, first titled as a 1961 but built in 1960. The car underwent an impressive ground-up restoration in 2004 and it still looks better than new. Mileage showing is 67,427. Could be original mileage? Always hard to tell but the records might verify that the odometer never turned over.

I like the incredibly detailed records that come with this car. The fellow who commissioned the restoration traced ownership right back to the very first owner. You can see this document in the photo gallery. In fact, the car comes with an impressive notebook with dozens of receipts, including a build sheet for the engine work, also done before 2010 with only about 3000 miles driven since.

The interior is excellent, and the car is great to drive. Engine bay is quite clean too, with the original 948 power plant and four speed transmission.

Top and windows are good, (see photos below) tires are striking period white wall bias-plys. Red with red seats is the factory correct color scheme. This is a great car for anyone who wants a show-ready car and to have a great time driving to events in style!

Great 1960 Iris Blue Bugeye Sprite fully restored and for sale!

Now sold to Steve and Dawn in Delaware! CONGRATULATIONS!

This is AN5L 36845 “Morrie.” We have owned this car before and it has received a ton of work and new parts. It is an excellent driver, restored and quite sharp. I just drove the car to lunch and enjoyed the smooth ride courtesy of recent tires and new shocks all around! Check out the video below!

It’s a very stock car, with a 948 CC power plant and drum brakes on all four corners. The interior is quite nice, with new seat foam and great new seat covers in the correct navy color scheme with light blue piping. Carpet and panels are also nearly new.

The tires are nearly new as is everything else. This car has been the subject of a comprehensive restoration about ten years ago. Fewer than 1000 miles have been driven since. This is a great Bugeye for anyone looking to tool around the neighborhood in a mostly stock Sprite, with a big smile on their face!

Three point inertia seat belts and a great blue tonneau are nice upgrades! Also included are top and window storage bags. The top is good and the windows are nearly new.

This is a very clean restored car and ready to enjoy this summer! Now available for $21,995!

Restored 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale!

Here’s another really nice car for sale. Check out the new video below!

NOW SOLD to Tim in Arizona! Congratulations!

“Heidi” is a solid Texas car that has been sitting for the past 20 years. We brought it out of hibernation and freshened all the mechanicals and restored the paint. Now we have something really special that shines beautifully.

We spent a lot of time to make this car right again. For example, we replaced the battery, fuel tank, fuel cap, rubber filter neck gasket, all wheel cylinders, slave cylinder, master cylinder, all the shock absorbers, radius arm bushings, carpet, seats, and seat foams. We also changed the water pump, all the hoses and the heater valve.

We re-trimmed the cockpit front rail in the correct black vinyl and polished the other pieces. We sanded and buffed the paint and replaced the tires. Now the car drives wonderfully. It rides smoothly on new rubber and is nicely damped on new shocks. We adjusted the valves, changed the oil, tuned the engine and made this car wonderful again. Now she’s ready for a new home.

The car has a nice new flip-up nose, which a lot of clients because of improved engine access. This one is further modified with an internal hood release, a great feature that eliminates the need for rubber or leather hold-down straps. It works!

The interior is excellent, mostly new, with new carpet, new panels and new foam and seat covers. Underside is solid. A really nice uprated canvas top is included, as shown in the photo gallery. A good tonneau is also included. I’ll get some pix of that posted shortly, and pix of the sidecurtains as well.

Give a call if you would like to make Heidi your car!

Inexpensive restored Bugeye for sale for summer fun! (Or convert to electric?)

Now sold to John in Washington DC! Congratulations John!

Meet “Bridget.”

I bought this car to offer customers an inexpensive yet solid Bugeye. You’ll never find another Bugeye freshly-restored and rust-free, equipped with wire wheels, disk brakes, a rebuilt transmission, lower (highway) rear end ratio and an upgraded/more powerful rebuilt engine for this price. This offer gives those of you on a budget a chance to get into the game with a really nice car at a very reasonable price.

NEW! We’ve removed the later seats and are building Bugeye seats to go back in. Trunk is now accessible, and quite clean. Thinner Bugeye seats will accommodate a wide range of drivers! More pictures coming soon!

The car is affordable because it’s a Bugeye built on a 1976 Midget platform (hence “Bridget,” get it?). However, unlike Bugeye noses on square Spridget bodies, this car got a new nose as well as a new Bugeye rear clip, so it looks very much like a Bugeye. The nose, rear fenders and deck are fiberglass which makes the whole package lighter, and which also opens up the possibility of converting this car to an electric FrogE.

If you are interested in our electric conversions, you can purchase the car from us and then hire us to convert the car to electric, and, once complete, we can send it right to your door. In this way, you don’t have to budget for an expensive restoration before the electric conversion begins.

While we can be purists (as evidenced by the national level concours gold Sprite we built a few years ago), this is a car for the rest of the world. It’s simple and looks and feels pretty much like a 1275 disk brake equipped Bugeye. One big benefit is the half elliptical (later) rear leaf springs, which make the ride more plush. The single carb 1500 engine has plenty of pep. It has a spin on oil filter, alternator, dual master cylinders, and expansion tank cooling system, all benefits courtesy of this later Midget platform.The wire wheels are the proper factory original style, (not the dangerous bolt-on conversion).

Give a call if you want to take this car home. It’s quite sharp with tons of curb appeal with either the current (quite-capable) gas power plant or an electric conversion.

Right Hand Driver 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale

Now sold to Rhonda and Jim in New Hampshire!!! #257! Congratulations!

If I could only have one British Sports car, this one would be at the top of my list. It’s inexpensive, fun to drive, nice (but not too nice) and will be the only one at just about every car show this summer (only RHD Bugeye, that is).

This is “Righty,” AN5 48822, a home market bugeye purchased from an air force veteran in England and imported years ago, perhaps in 1985 by a prior owner who had the car from 1985 through 2011 in Minnesota. In 2011, the car went to Alabama, where it rested until 2019 when we brought it here. Car #49201 was the last Bugeye, BTW.

The Notice the lack of an “L” in the vin number, which designates a home market original RHD car.

We recently refreshed the mechanicals to put this great car back on the road. We have rebuilt all the hydraulics-new slave, master and rear wheel cylinders- and also the original carburetors-the correct H1 carbs are working great and the engine runs strong. By the way, this appears to be a factory gold seal rebuilt 948 engine, a nice novelty.

Front disk brakes are present, a nice upgrade, as are new tires from 2011, with less than 25 miles. 12,205 miles are showing on the odometer. The back of the cockpit has been enlarged slightly, a modification we have seen on several cars through the years. While non-stock, it seems popular since some folks seem to like the larger cockpit and better access to a parcel shelf. This rear deck modification accomplishes that goal.

The wood interior kit is also an unusual modification. We’ve heard more than once that this sort of wood trim kit was a factory option, but this was never the case. An industrious woodworker took on this cockpit and there is something quite charming about it from my perspective, as it speaks to the way these cars were inexpensive and accessible. People have been modifying their Sprites for eons, why should this one be any different?

Gold seal factory rebuilt 948 engine plaque. Runs strong!

Underneath the wood trim you can clearly see the original RHD Bugeye foundation, which is a lot of fun. For example, of the perhaps 100 master cylinders we have changed over the years, RHD masters are shrouded by the heater blower, which, while easy to remove, changes the nature of this particular job, and reminds us where these cars were built (should we ever forget).

This car runs and drives great. RHD turns up the smile factor that much more, and I appreciate a chance to be ambidextrous with my gear shifting. I think you will too.

Every British car should come with a soap dish in the cockpit! (actually an ashtray… mind the carpet underneath!)

The underside is solid on this car. The passenger side rocker panel is a bit rumpled. The story that came with the car is that the rocker was replaced by a prior owner and damaged in shipping but still installed anyway because the eventual repaint prep would smooth it out anyway. I can find no crash damage.

A two-piece top bow is included and this fits snugly in the boot. The original tonneau could be restored, but I would suggest a new one.

I would not repaint this car. It looks just fine as is. If you want a fresh paint job, we have other Bugeyes that provide a higher level of finish, albeit for a higher price.

I hope you will give this car a serious look and if you want to talk about making “Righty” your own, we look forward to the opportunity to ship it to your door!

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours