1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale-The Bee’s Knees!

I am really enjoying this stipped-down Bugeye. After spending a whole lot of time and money building my own personal “ultimate” Bugeye, this one gets you there for a whole lot less money in a lot less time. And in the video below, you can see just how much fun a car like this can be, even before you leave your own driveway.

This is about the most fun you can have with under 50 HP…

This is “Goldie,” (AN5L 45557) a 1960 Austin Healey Sprite first titled in 1961. If you love the simpler stripped-down days when Bugeyes were driven to work during the week and flat-towed to the race track on weekends, this is the ultimate. It’s basic and elemental, with a minimalist Brooklands windscreen, new black seats and new rubberized mats. It’s clean and ready to zip.

We took a dry Texas Bugeye from its recent home in dry New Mexico and built-up a pocket-racer, that will give the new owner at 30 mph about the same amount of fun you can have in a Porsche at 100 (with much lower maintenance and up-front costs). Sure, you won’t have a roof, but in a car like this, that’s not the point. This is all about pure sportscar bliss, and this little bugger delivers.

It’s fit with a stock rebuilt 948 engine (which we bench ran so we could fix any issues and address any oil leaks) and a rebuilt rib case transmission. With the performance muffler that is fit, it sounds like a buzz bomb as you blast down the street. I love this little car. It seems to distill the DNA of what a Bugeye is all about. And it’s not at all like anything else on the road today.

All the sheet metal is solid. All the parts are new-seats, foams, shocks, wheels, wiring harness, hydraulics-everything! Lots of the suspension parts are powder-coated, as you can see in the pictures of the front suspension.

The grill is custom aluminum, a one-off.

It’s nice and clean underneath!

She’s sweet!

And super cool.

Call 203 561 6929 if you want to be the new steward of this wonderful little car.

Great 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite driver for sale

Now sold and heading to Phoenix! Congratulations Jeff and Dena!

This Bugeye is a black runner and looks great. We’ve just done a major service on the car, and it’s now ready for a new home. Price is $16,995.

We call AN5L/8136 “Becky.” She has a strong 948 engine and drum brakes that have been fully restored just this week in our shop, along with a new master and slave cylinder too. The car looks quite racy with roll bar, flip-up Aston fuel cap and mini light wheels. The racing stripes are vinyl (and removable if you don’t like them–we think they look quite nice). They are well-executed without blisters or peeling. It’s a nice looking shiny package and great fun to drive.

We have also replaced the front shocks, aligned the front end, replaced the combination oil pressure and termperature gauge, heater valve and anything else needed to prepare the car for a new home.

The car has lived in Connecticut for the past 15 years with a local owner. He installed the solid state electric fuel pump, spin-on oil filter conversion, exhaust header, leather steering wheel and stereo, all nice upgrades. The car comes with a good used top and side curtains. There is no tonneau, but we would be happy to make one for the new owner.

The yellow roll bar is optional and would look better painted black (or white) with the velcro strips removed, but we figured we would wait to see if the new owner even wants a roll bar in the car at all. While the paint on the car shines very nicely, there are some imperfections in the paint.

The “A” pillars have some blisters, which didn’t stop the last owner from enjoying the car one bit. Hinge mounts (as shown) are in nice shape, which means any patches installed would be confined to lower outer “A” pillar skin. Most people would leave it as is, because the car has an impressive appearance, shines nicely and is offered at a great price. The underside is very solid.

We have other cars (priced higher) with better cosmetic details-just ask and we can recommend a car based on your budget and taste.Give a call is you would like to take Becky (or one of our other cars) home!

Great 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale-Shiny driver!

Now sold and heading to Maryland! Congratulations Matt!!!

“Marco” (AN5L 15432) is a 1959 Bugeye and a very nice Sprite that feels just right, with an exceptionally shiny paint job on a very straight and unmolested body. I purchased this car from a friend who has collected Bugeyes all his life. He has had this car for more than 20 years and had it painted about five years ago. The car shines beautifully. He had four Bugeyes when I met him, and none of them were used very much, so this car has been mostly sitting for the past 20 or more years.

Marco is fit with a 1275 engine and HS2 carbs, with a larger throat than the original H1 carbs that would come with a 948 engine. The 1275 is quick and the car is a joy to drive. Brakes are drum all around, and stop the car nicely.

We’ve just lowered the rear with our shim kit to make the car look level and we have also fit our ignition guillotine to better secure the ignition switch to the dashboard. Great lifetime K&N air filter elements are also fit in the stock air filter housings. We refreshed the brakes and replaced the rear flexible brake line.

Marco’s restoration is not brand new, and it doesn’t need to be. You might say this car looks like a much more expensive freshly restored car, without the extra cost–it’s an extremely nice driver. We’ve put in brand new carpet and panels so the interior looks great. The seats are a bit older, but still have plenty of life.

The car comes with an older top that will get you home in the event of sudden shower. Also included are aluminum side curtains that need restoration but are the correct aluminum original type. The car would look stunning with a tan top and tonneau, which we can fit on the car if so desired by the new owner.

You’ll see more than 50 photos by clicking read more. Call if you would like us to ship Marco to your door! [Read more…]

1959 Custom 5-speed Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale!

Way to go Ralph! Sold and heading to California!

This is a great Bugeye for anyone looking for a modified car that has wonderful improvements for putting on the miles. “Susan,” is fit with front disc brakes, an upgraded 1275 engine, five-speed overdrive transmission and brand new tires on recent Minilight wheels. She is also fit with a spin-on oil filter kit and electronic ignition in a new distributor.

This is a great package and we’ve just gone back through this car and made it even better. We’ve adjusted the rear ride height to make it look right and we’ve also replaced the fuel tank with a new one and repaired the fuel gauge. We’ve also put on proper ignition wires. Now the car is ready to go!

Interior is non-stock, with more comfortable seats and a nice wood dash, with all new gauges. It’s a nice look if you are looking for a fast driver and don’t care about if the car is factory correct (remember, while there is a strong market for all original cars, there is an equally strong market for well-modified ones…). This cars’ modifications, and the new five speed transmission, were done about 4000 miles ago.

The car also has a flip-forward bonnet, which makes engine access a breeze. It’s nicely retrofit with hydraulic bonnet struts to hold the nose up while opened.

We’ve fixed a number of issues to get it ready for a new home. We’ve changed the carb needles and seats, put in new jet needles and tuned the engine. We’ve also re-sealed the rear hubs, put in a new master cylinder and changed the fuel filter. The car also sports an upgraded alternator and anti-theft battery cut-out switch, shown under the hood.
The car has been de-seamed. The beading on top of the fenders has been removed, which gives the car a cleaner and sleeker look. I really like this effect- It makes the car look sleeker and more upscale. This particular job is well-executed.

This car has been autographed by Sprite rally-great John Sprinzel, you can see his signature on the inner fender under the hood. Nice top and sidecurtains are included, as well as a good tonneau. The top and windows come in nice padded pouches as shown.

Give a call or email if you want to make this car your own! It’s great fun to drive, and looks great too!

1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale, freshly painted driver!

Now sold! Way to go, Joel (who already has two other Bugeyes)!!! Heading to Indiana soon!

Here’s a nicely re-painted driving Bugeye with new carpet for a very reasonable price–just $13,900. She looks great!

This is a AN5L 27458, a car we call “Whistler.” Body numbers and engine numbers are all correct. This is the original engine. She has mostly stock running gear, with a 948 engine fit with larger HS2 carburetors, smooth case transmission and drum brakes all around. The car was painted about 15 years ago, and has sat ever since in a heated garage. We’ve made it a driver once again and have put in new front shocks and a new master cylinder. We cleaned out the fuel system and now the car runs and drives nicely.

There is more sorting to do… the seats need rebuilding-we have provided seat cores that can be stripped and recovered with the correct mark 1 covers (which we sell in our catalog) – and the floors have some rust-through that the new owner may want to address. But the car is nicely painted in Olde English White and the all the bodywork is done. We are offering the car as it sits now for a very reasonable price, for someone looking for a driving project car they can complete at their leisure. We have put in new carpet throughout (including the trunk floor). We have also put in new door pockets and the doors are already lined. A new panel kit is still needed.

The car comes with side curtains for restoration and no top or tonneau. All the correct fittings are in place for a new short tonneau, which we can fit to the car if the new owner so desires.

Drive this car today and finish the restoration at your leisure! It’s a manageable project at a very reasonable price.

Rescue this 1959 Bugeye Sprite UPDATE


UPDATE: To all the people who have inquired about this car, please look at the new pictures and contact me again if you are interested! I’ve now purchased this Bugeye so we can more easily get it to a new home. The car has much more potential than previously thought, although it will still need a complete restoration. I have more history about the car and new pictures below. If you are looking for a project and can help rescue this car, check this out!

This is AN5L 13292, a Leaf green Bugeye built in 1959 and still wearing the original paint. The car has had the same owner in California since 1969! In about 1985 the crankshaft broke and the car was parked under a California carport for about 15 years. That owner moved the car to Colorado in about 2000, where it has sat ever since. It has been outside for these last 17 years, although in a very dry climate, and it shows. The rocker panels and fender bottoms are remarkably solid for a car that has been sitting outside. The dry California climate coupled with the dry weather in SW Colorado have helped make this car a restoration candidate. Let’s get this one back on the road!

The engine block is sitting on the passenger floor of the car. The prior owner thought the floors were still OK, but you should presume new floors will be needed (we have the panels for sale in our catalog). That said, take a look at the photos of the rear spring mounts–this area of the wheel well looks quite nice! So plan on a complete restoration, and let’s hope the new owner is pleasantly surprised to find this car to be an easier project than some of the rusty cars we have seen restored. The battery tray will need to be replaced (we also sell those) but this is not too difficult to weld into place.
[Read more…]