(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Restored 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale!

Here’s another really nice car for sale. Check out the new video below!

NOW SOLD to Tim in Arizona! Congratulations!

“Heidi” is a solid Texas car that has been sitting for the past 20 years. We brought it out of hibernation and freshened all the mechanicals and restored the paint. Now we have something really special that shines beautifully.

We spent a lot of time to make this car right again. For example, we replaced the battery, fuel tank, fuel cap, rubber filter neck gasket, all wheel cylinders, slave cylinder, master cylinder, all the shock absorbers, radius arm bushings, carpet, seats, and seat foams. We also changed the water pump, all the hoses and the heater valve.

We re-trimmed the cockpit front rail in the correct black vinyl and polished the other pieces. We sanded and buffed the paint and replaced the tires. Now the car drives wonderfully. It rides smoothly on new rubber and is nicely damped on new shocks. We adjusted the valves, changed the oil, tuned the engine and made this car wonderful again. Now she’s ready for a new home.

The car has a nice new flip-up nose, which a lot of clients because of improved engine access. This one is further modified with an internal hood release, a great feature that eliminates the need for rubber or leather hold-down straps. It works!

The interior is excellent, mostly new, with new carpet, new panels and new foam and seat covers. Underside is solid. A really nice uprated canvas top is included, as shown in the photo gallery. A good tonneau is also included. I’ll get some pix of that posted shortly, and pix of the sidecurtains as well.

Give a call if you would like to make Heidi your car!

Great 1960 Bugeye driver for sale!

NOW SOLD TO Amanda in Texas! Congratulations! She will fly in and drive home to Austin, Molly is going for a great drive! Thanks Amanda!

This is “Molly,” (AN5L 27766) a 1960 Bugeye (titled in 1961). We just got the car back from a customer in Oregon. We had previously owned the car and I was happy to buy it back because I like the way this one is detailed.

This is a 948 four speed drum brake car. Simple.

It was a labor of love of fellow down South who restored the car in the early 20000s. His summary build notes are below, and the a big stack of receipts are include to verify the summary sheet.

The chrome is nice. The paint has some nicks and chips. But the car still presents beautifully and you end up with a sharp Bugeye at a very reasonable price. If you don’t mind a few paint imperfections, you can have a sweet Bugeye for nearly half the price of the mint red Bugeye Aiden currently in our inventory.

Interior is excellent, with nice custom piping on the shift tower, door pockets and seats. A nice off-white tonneau is included, as is a good top and nice side curtains in a padded pouch.

The 948 engine is set up with a single Weber downdraft carburettor, with very few miles on it. A header is installed to help the car breathe.

These wheels are stunning and among my favorites. They are shod with good 175 slightly wider tires.

This is a sharp driver for summer fun. Give a call if you would like to take Molly home!

1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale-supercharged temptress!

Now SOLD to Stacy and Trevor in Illinois! Congratulations!!!

A supercharger in a Bugeye is a beautiful thing. You should be able to hear why I feel that way in the video below:

This is AN5L 37194 “Carmine.” This is a wonderful Sprite. It’s a car we have owned twice before and each time we have owned it, we’ve taken it to a new level. This is about the best Bugeye you can buy, given that it is has been fully sorted and upgraded, twice! Each of the prior owners invested in tons of improvements.

The new owner of this car gets the benefit of their loving care. All the choice goodies are already on-board. Our supercharger upgrade in this car includes a new SU 1.75 inch carburetor, K & N lifetime air filter, alternator conversion, locking choke mechanism, aluminum radiator and uprated cooling fan on a recently rebuilt 1275 engine with an uprated new clutch disk, new pressure plate and upgraded rear main seal. The stock tachometer was converted to an electronic mechanism when the alternator was fit, which makes this instrument much more reliable.

Also loaded in the car is a pair of three point retractible seat belts, electronic ignition, battery kill switch hidden in footwell, cigarette lighter for phone charging and accessories, new top, great tonneau, new windows (still unused) and two nice storage bags (one for the top, one for the windows).

At 74,428 miles we fit a rebuilt ribcase transmission, so the synchros in the car are excellent, still virtually new. We also fit new front shocks and completely rebuilt the front end with new king pins and bushings at that time. Indicated mileage now is just 74,711.

Tires and minilight wheels are also new, about one year ago. Upgraded tapered wheel bearings were also installed at that time, as well as a 3.9 differential for improved highway cruising and of course the marvelous Bugeyeguy twin-tipped muffler that sounds so good in the video above. It’s fed through a sweet exhaust header. We also welded-in a new floor pan on the driver’s side prior to the car’s delivery to the last owner, in central Oregon. Front disk brakes are also fit to this car as is a front sway bar, spin on oil filter, LED headlights, significantly brighter LED brake, park and turn signals and a very loud air horn.

It is quite customary for us to upgrade the cars we sell before delivery. This one has already been fully upgraded and is about as close one can get to a turn-key classic car, upgraded for modern life and modern roadways.

Mileage in the past few years has been under 500. Regularly enjoyed. Seldom driven by the last owner, but he was a great steward who enjoyed upgrading this car. And the next person shall smile on all trips to the Post Office… and beyond.

1960 Bugeye Sprite driver for sale

Now SOLD to Jim in VA. Congratulations!

If you are looking for an inexpensive Bugeye Sprite with a recently rebuilt 1275 engine,”Suzy” is an excellent choice. This is an affordable Bugeye that still shines nicely and offers tons of fun.

The car has received tons of new parts courtesy of the prior California owners, who kept the car well-maintained, leading up to installation of a new rebuilt 1275 engine that was added within the last 1000 miles. The transmission shifts nicely with no issues. A spin on oil filter conversion and electronic ignition have already been added. This is a great driver. I have added a photo of the stack of receipts that come with the car that detail history back to about 1993.

The performance exhaust sounds wonderful and new minilight wheels and tires make for a nice ride.

Top is older, but will get you home. Tonneau is excellent (see photos). Original side curtains are included, they will need restoration. The car has a nice custom vinyl divider/screen across the trunk opening, to partition the trunk and keep out any curious spectators. Paint has a few nicks and imperfections, nothing major, shines well, but 10-footer paint work. Presentable cosmetics with 1275 fun driving is the value within this car.

No heater, but we could add one for you. There is some more maintenance you might want us to do before sending the car your way. For example, the horn push and the speedo don’t work. Include a budget of a few thousand for us to go through the car to prepare if for you. Or you can do it yourself.

Give a call if you would like to take Suzy home!

Sweetest of Bugeye Sprites for sale

NOW SOLD to Frank and Mary of New Jersey! Congratulations!!!

This 1959 Sprite is AN5L 10904. It’s a fully restored beauty, and we call it “Vanilla.” The Olde English white looks right, it’s warm, and stunning with a smart wine red restored interior. This car has the original 948 engine and front drum brakes, just like when it left the factory.

This car was very lucky, as it had $40,590 in restoration work done by a shop in Texas. That work was completed in March of 2011. It was an exhaustive project, and everything was replaced or renewed. 

The engine was rebuilt, as was everything else. The complete 12 page invoice is included in the gallery below. You’ll find an amazing list of repairs was done to give this car a new lease on life. Mostly stock parts were used in the restoration, although a stainless steel exhaust was fitted. Everything works. Nice to see a correct new wiring harness was also installed at that time.

The car mostly sat since the restoration, and we have gone through the car and refreshed the hydraulics to bring the car up to speed. Now the car is ready for a lucky new owner.

I love the period rear nerf bar. It offers some additional ding protection for the rear end. But if you prefer, we can remove that assembly, and replace the bumper overriders with new ones.

Full weather gear is included, the windows need restoration and the top is old but works. I would be inclined to mount a new deep red top (which we can do for the new owner). That top would match the handsome new tonneau fit to the car.

Give a call or email if you would like to discuss making “Vanilla” your car! This one is a winner.

Super Trick Little ’60 Bugeye Sprite for sale.

Now sold to Gary in Wisconsin! Congratulations!!!

Here’s a very special Sprite.

This is a very cool looking Sprite called “Goldie.” She’s a 948 engine, four-speed car, with drum brakes and has been completely rebuilt with maximum cosmetic “wow” factor. The car is lowered and looks mean!

Below is a video drive of the car from December 2017 when we had just completed building the car. You’ll notice just one Brooklands screen in place, and no head pillow yet…

We bought it a few years ago in pieces and completely restored it and then sold it to a customer who had us upgrade a number of components. For example, we added a custom roll bar and head pillow, hardura non-carpet floor covering, custom tonneau with color matched stitching, performance exhaust and front anti-roll bar. We also added twin Brooklands wind screens and amber Sebring driving lights, which are activated by a toggle switch on the dashboard.

The most recent owner further customized the car and added the racing fuel filler cap, racing lap belts, racing roundels and custom black paint on the license plate light. The roundels are decals and can be removed, as can the speed shop decal on the back and the nuts sticker on the dash. But I like the hot rodder style and fun, so we left all the stickers in place. The new owner can decide to leave them or have them removed. The racing stripes and rocker panels are painted black, so these will stay.

The car is super solid throughout, as the floors have been repaired with factory floor pans. There is no rust. And she is a joy to drive, tons of fun, with a sweet exhaust note.

The little 948 engine packs a punch. The car is a joy to drive and a fun tribute to the era when Sprites were not too precious to be customized. The next steward can take it even further, or enjoy this fun car just how it sits. Call or email to discuss adopting Goldie! PS the car is titled as a 1961, but we all know that no Bugeyes were made in 1961, it was merely first registered in that year.

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