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Exceptional Fully Restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for Sale

NOW SOLD TO Anthony in Arkansas!!! Congratulations! Our 230th!!!

This 1960 Sprite is a winner. We call it “London.”

AN5L 21636 was a 1960 barn-find car that was lucky to meet it’s restorer, because it came back to life better than new after a rotisserie restoration, with every square inch redone via a blank check restoration. There is a lot to love here. If you want an extremely well restored Bugeye, take a serous look at this car.

Everything is new, with a rebuilt and uprated 1275 power plant and new front disk brakes. There is also an electronic ignition system installed (to get rid of the ignition points), a front anti roll bar and K and N lifetime air filters too!

The underside in particular shows the work of a master restorer. Everything is stunning, and all the new floor pans were put in perfectly. The exhaust is stainless steel.

A gorgeous high-end stayfast dark blue tonneau is included, as well as a nearly new black Everflex top. The steering wheel is also a work of art by Mike Lempert, with a walnut inlay to make the wheel one-of-a-kind.

Look through the photos and call me if you want to own one of the best.

1959 Excellent Bugeye Sprite for sale

Now sold to Mickey in Mississippi! Congratulations!

This is Sprite AN5L 13275, built in March of 1959. This car has a great package of options and weather gear and is ready for a fun drive home!

Meet a Bugeye we call “Boyd.” We owned and sold Boyd in 2015 to the current owner in North Carolina, who has now asked us to sell the car for him. He has put 1600 miles on the car in the three years he has owned it.

It’s a great car, recipient of much sorting when we last had it in 2015. This summer, we’ve taken care of any outstanding issues. It’s equipped with a mostly stock 948 engine and four speed transmission, with the popular front disk brake upgrade. Boyd is also loaded with a number of great upgrades that would cost thousands if you were to put them in yourself.

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1960 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 for sale, “just right” driver, called “Bliss!” Price reduced!

Now SOLD! to Gary and family! CONGRATULATIONS!


Here’s another Bugeye for sale that we fully sorted for its most recent owners and now we have it for sale once again. In fact, we did about $10,000 worth of work to the car back in 2015. The car was upgraded to make it into a good useable car for a family in Texas and the new owner will enjoy the benefit of all that work.

A list of what was done includes: new front disc brake kit with new king pins and A arms, (drums and old A arms are shown in the photos, but were replaced after the photos were taken), LED lights all around, three-point retractible seat belts, new top, new tires, new electronic ignition, new electric fuel pump, new sidecurtains and a new sidecurtain pouch, front anti-roll bar, upgraded halogen headlights, rubber floor mats, new heater valve, new radius arm bushings and a new pinion seal. We also put in a new carpet kit and door seals. The car is fully sorted and ready to enjoy! It has spent most of its life in dry climate and the underside is nice and solid. The next owner gets the benefit of a lot of hours spent in our shop (and a lot of money spent by the prior owner) to make this car great.

This car is available now for $16,995 and the car is located in our Branford Quonset Hut.

We call this car “Bliss,” because it wears an original 1962 Fort Bliss base sticker on the front bumper. Indicated mileage is 46,629. The prior owners put less than 500 miles on the car.

I’ve heard lots of Army base Bugeye stories over the years, and here’s car that clearly lived on the Army’s second largest base in the dry Texas/New Mexico climate.

Bliss is mostly stock, with a 948 powerplant. Carbs are upgraded to larger 1.25 inch HS2 twin SUs. Luggage rack and wood steering wheel are nice extras, as is the BMC period AM radio, common on Bugeyes.

The car has a one-of-a-kind Jaguar XKE rear bumper guard. You love it or hate it. If you are in the former category, you appreciate a little more chrome protection, and smile at the fact that this car wears a piece of an XKE’s nose on it’s behind. If you hate it, well, we simply remove the whole assembly and put on two new original bumperettes. The new owner gets to decide.

I like this car a lot, it feels like it just drove off the White Sands Missile Range, because it has a used feel without feeling worn out. It has had one repaint, some time ago, and the paint still shines quite well. Not a tournament paint job by any means (with some imperfections showing), but just perfect for bombing around home base. The short tonneau shown on the car is old and the new owner will probably want us to fit a new one to the car.

If you are looking for a nice car you can drive without worry because it has been fully sorted out, Bliss is worth a closer look!

Budget 1961 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 Bugeye for sale

Now SOLD! and will soon head to Dave in Tennessee! Congratulations Dave, this one is our 222nd sold! And if you are sad you missed it, another great choice is “Hampton,” which you can see by clicking here!

This is AN5L 48247. We call this one “Red.”

If you have been looking for an inexpensive Bugeye Sprite, don’t miss this one! For $11,495, we have this nice shiny red 1960 Bugeye with a strong 948 engine, recently serviced drum brakes and good four speed transmission. She has new aluminum radiator, electric fuel pump, alternator conversion, new seats with matching piping, new carpet and a thermostatically controlled electric cooling fan. She also has electronic ignition, new clutch and flywheel ring gear as well as a new gas tank and exhaust header. The prior owner went out of his way to make the car a great driver. We’ve changed the rear axle pinion seal to stop it from leaking.

The car is a “10 footer,” which means it looks great but shows some body imperfections when you get up close. She has some paint blemishes and amateur bodywork. But if you want to get into a shiny Bugeye you can enjoy this summer, with lots of nice new components, this is a great deal.

The car has an older top that will get you home but should be replaced. Side curtains are included (wrapped in bubble wrap), but they will need restoration. (We also sell new ones).

We got this car as a trade for one of our other cars. We have gone through it and fixed a few items that needed attention, and we are happy to work with the new owner to handle any other upgrades before the car departs for a new home. We have priced it to sell promptly. It’s really hard to find Bugeyes in this price range any more, so don’t delay, and give a call or email if you are interested!

1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale-excellent restored example!

Congratulations Dave! This car will soon be heading to you in Washington State!

This 1959 Bugeye is AN5L 11929, a very nicely restored Sprite we call “Lynn.”

This is the perfect car for anyone looking for a stock Bugeye that is completely restored and offered at a great price. The car was completely rebuilt between 2003 and 2006. A pile of receipts (see photo) details the engine rebuild in 2003 with new rings and bearings as well as a valve job, timing chain, etc, etc. She shows 3348 miles on the odometer, likely the total mileage the car has covered since its complete restoration.

The car features the original 948 engine (as verified by the Heritage Certificate, included with the sale). The engine shows great oil pressure. The car is completely stock, except for an upgraded high-output starter motor and a brand new rubber mounted electric fuel pump we put in just this week. We have gone through the car and sorted any issues. She now has a new fuel tank and filter, new premium front wheel brake cylinders, new steering column bushings and new rear hub seals. We’ve also fixed a number of annoying smaller issues, to get this car ready for the new owner, and it shows… the car is a delight to drive, better than a new Bugeye when it left the showroom floor.

The floors have been patched and repaired, as has the body, so there is no rust at all. The interior is excellent, with new foam cushions, seat covers and matching blue carpet. The windshield was also replaced during the restoration, as were the rubber gaskets. The paint shines very nicely, as you can see by the vivid sky reflected in the photos in the gallery.

The car wears stock wheels and radial tires. A top bow is included, as well as an older top, which should get you home in a pinch. We can fit a new top instead if you prefer. A new tonneau and side curtains are also available. A scissors jack and lug nut wrench are included in the nicely lined boot, as is a correct original spare tire fit with a newer radial tire.

If you are looking for a delightful and handsome Bugeye this Spring, this could be the right car for you!

Offered at $21,995. To restore a Bugeye Sprite to this level would cost considerably more! Please call for more details.

Brilliant Modified 5 Speed and Fast Bugeye for Sale, “Priscilla.”

Now sold and heading to Tennessee! Congratulations Timothy!

This is a superb Bugeye and great fun to drive. The builder of this Bugeye has had a long love affair with Bugeyes, and set out to build the ultimate Frogeye. He installed a Datsun 210 engine (disguised with an Austin valve cover sticker) and 5 speed Datsun 210 transmission. This engine is 1397CC 80 Horsepower 210 engine, quite a bit more powerful than a 1275 engine in stock form, and then he further modified it for even more power with a Crane cam and Weber carb… more power while retaining good street-abilty. And the last owner claims to have gotten 42 MPG on the highway!

She’s loaded with performance modifications and also looks fantastic. This is an extensively modified car we sold to Rod in Florida, who’s downsizing, and asked us to sell it for him. We have the car back in our shop, where we are putting in new master cylinders, new front shocks and new rack boots, all to get this great car ready for a new home.
The car already has a new clutch and battery.

The car currently sports a nice white stripe and white top. Many of the pictures here were taken before the stripes were added. The stripes can also be removed if so desired.

Check out the video for more details! This car is available for $20,495. A whole lot more was invested to make this ultimate five-speed Bugeye!

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