And maybe do this with your Bugeye too!

Matthew has been a great customer. Not only did he buy one of our cars (Marco), he also had us modify it for speed. We attached a five speed transmission to his 1275 engine and an aluminum radiator so he could do battle in the DC area with his Sprite. We powder coated his new black rims and set up his 3.9 diff so that he could cruise at high speed per his request. His car serves as an excellent test bed for our product and we were gratified to get the following message from him:

I am driving her almost every day usually with a typical speed around 80 mph. According to my GPS speedometer, top speed so far has been 103 mph (not sure if that is accurate or not, although I have pushed her a few times on a straightaway at the local track) and my best 0 to 60 is 14 seconds….although I really don’t accelerating too aggressively. Not bad for a 60 year old car…you and your mechanics certainly do a good job on these cars!!!



He’s using our new GPS speedometer, which gives GPS based readings so it sure better be accurate! It also has a 0-60 recorder, which is how Matthew is getting the data above. The original 0-60 time for a 948CC Bugeye was around 23 seconds! You can get yours by clicking here.




Our new tachometers just arrived as well (pictured below). You can find these in our catalog by clicking here…

Matthew is also a pilot who loves vintage aircraft. Here’s his Bugeye parked with his two tail draggers!

Bugeye Sprite Piper Cub eclipse

Roger has nice toys. There is perhaps no better vehicle to drive to visit your Piper Cub than a Bugeye like “Carmine,” the black supercharged Bugeye he purchased from us a while back, which we sent to his home in Oregon. He was able to enjoy a recent morning viewing his Cub and his Bugeye and also a total solar eclipse, all at the same time, and he sends this dispatch from his hanger in Oregon, where he is wearing his Bugeyeguy hat:

“Hi, David; Well, I thought I would check in with a quick Carmine report. I guess my comment would be ‘Wow, I really shouldn’t be allowed to have this much fun with a car!’ You can see it tucked away in my shop (and quite dirty, but well used and enjoyed). It’s due for a wash job. No mechanical issues thus far, but, as they say, death and taxes… I’m still coming to terms with the English terminology (bonnet, boot, etc.) but I’ll struggle through. Thanks for an almost new 57 year-old car. Regards, Roger.”

Our newest listing, the Bugeye called “Kelly,” would be another excellent car to supercharge just like Carmine. Call if you are interested!

Hawaiian Bugeye-Guy

imgp8859Remember our Bugeye Petey? That Bugeye’s journey started with the email below, which we received last summer:

“My name is Guy and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Perhaps, in an attempt to relive my childhood, I Goggled bugeye Sprite and came upon your website. When I was 18, back in 1962, my friends were a little more affluent and their parents bought them big block Chevys and Fords but I couldn’t afford that, so I bought a 1960 with 4 on the floor just like them, I just didn’t say I had 948 ccs under the hood instead of 409 cubic inches…”

Here’s a great photo Guy just sent of Petey parked in his garage. This past Fall we sent the car in an enclosed trailer to San Diego where it was loaded onto a ferry for Oahu, where a happy Guy was united with his car.

Mahalo Guy, and congratulations!

Bugeye Sprite “Sven” moves to Colorado

Kevin in Colorado emailed last month that his wife loved our Bugeye “Sven,” and so it’s nice to see her behind the wheel in this photo, now that the car has moved to their home in The Rockies! Congratulations!

This is a car we sold to Max and Debra in PA, who used it for about four years and then sold it back to us, so we could upgrade it further and send the car off to Colorado last month.

I had the luxury of autocrossing this car at Austin Healy Enclave in Gettysburg in 2015, courtesy of Max and Debra. We had prepared our concours Bugeye for that event, and I had hoped to bring a second Bugeye for the autocross but the concours project took all my time. When I mentioned I didn’t have a car to use at that event, Max and Debra generously offered Sven. So when they offered to sell this car in 2016, I was excited to own Sven once again. And now Kevin in Colorado is the recipient of a Bugeye that has been well-scrutinized and sorted. The more we get to know each one of these cars the better they get!


Who drives Bugeye Sprites?

imageMeet Bob in the video below. He recently purchased a beautiful 1959 Bugeye we had called “Pedro” and we loaded the car into an enclosed trailer and shipped it to him in Florida. Before we did that, we designed a build sheet together that included the modifications Bob wanted to make this car his own, and to optimize it for his location and type of usage.

50 pictures of beautiful Bugeye moments

We just sold our 165th Bugeye Sprite.

I am personally in awe of this accomplishment. I never would have guessed when I purchased “Gumby” in 1979 (pictured below) that we would one day end up with a business born out of a passion for a simple little car with a lot of personality.


How can we objectively measure the quantity of Bugeyes we have sent to new homes?

It’s a column of Bugeyes 1856 feet long, bumper to bumper, a procession long enough to reach, well, a bit more than a quarter mile! (ok, they’re small cars)

It’s 109 tons of Bugeyes.

It’s 330 tuned and synchronized SU carbuettors. (thank you Russ)

It’s 660 torn radius arm bushings we’ve replaced.

And probably 165,000 truck miles for all the cars we have transported around America and beyond.

But none of this data tells the real story.

Yesterday, while preparing the 165th Bugeye “Bliss” for the new owners who are 2000 miles away, lunch arrived for our crew. Sandwiches, Sprite and cookies were sent by that new owner, who took the time to find a local Connecticut deli via YELP on her smartphone and have them deliver lunch for the people building her new car. For me, this tells the story, of the 165 wonderful new Frogeye owners who have come together to celebrate this amazing little car, built in a time that now seems so far away, when people drove cars that meant something more than just a means to get from A to B.
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