Bugeye Sprite bounce test

This one fails.

Lever shocks have to work properly on Spridgets or they drive like crap. In fact, I would bet that anyone who says they were terrified while driving a Bugeye at speed was driving a car with blown front shocks.

It’s pretty easy to tell if the shocks are gone, you can see in the video below why this car needed new shocks immediately. A car with good front shocks will bounce once and stop, with well-damped motion.

We sell two types of shocks in our catalog. To view our standard front shocks, click here. For the rear shocks, click here

To view our upgraded performance version, click here for the front shocks and click here for the rears.

Our favorite Sprite steering wheel

The green Bugeye “Marco” leaves our shop today, and one of our favorites of the many upgrades on this car is the steering wheel. This is a very high-quality product from Moto-Lita, with an improved spoke layout that allows easy visibility of the Sprite dashboard gauges. The Moto Lita brand name is artfully engraved in the top spoke. And it is a name worth proudly displaying, because their quality is superior to the other generic wood wheels you often find on British cars.

A new wood wheel is one of the nicest ways to upgrade your cockpit. The billet hub is so well-finished, you can see the tonneau zipper and seat ribs reflected! You can order this art piece for your Bugeye by clicking here!

New Product! Improved Bugeye Sprite Seat spacers for sale!

Here’s a part often overlooked yet extremely important if you’re restoring your Sprite interior.

Original Bugeyes had a thin, black, wooden spacer under the driver seat, to shim the seat up so it would clear the longitudinal member welded beneath the seat. With the thin rubber mats that came with the car, this original spacer provided an adequate gap and allowed easy movement of the seat frame fore and aft. But with the advent of thicker carpet in Bugeye interiors, the original thin spacer no longer works. Even if you don’t move your seat often, with original thin spacers, it’s very difficult to install your seat on modern carpet.

We have fixed these issues with an improved product… our thicker seat spacer makes installation of your seats easier, and allows better clearance between the seat frame and the floor pan.

This is a Bugeyeguy exclusive, not available anywhere else. Every Bugeye needs a least one pair. And if you have two adjustable seats, you need two pairs! (stock Bugeyes had a fixed passenger seat that requires no wood, but many have been changed to adjustable)

Click here to check out this innovation (and others) by visiting our catalog!

Spridget LeMans front shocks, upgraded and extra cool!

We are huge fans of lever shocks. They provide the best ride quality and performance for Bugeyes (and all Spridgets). All the tube shocks we have tested are too harsh and thus make the cars less sure-footed. So we use lever shocks exclusively on all the cars that pass through our building.

Still, we’ve always wanted something a little stiffer, and we’re excited to introduce a new product that delivers. Our new LeMans shocks is about 20% stiffer than stock, so you’ll enjoy handling benefits without sacrificing the ride quality so vital to a great Sprite outing. And they look super-cool too, finished in silver with a red racing stripe! Click here to try-out these new shocks-you’ll find them (and lots of other great innovations) in our catalog!

Why buy a Bugeyeguy Bugeye?

This week, we paved the driveway and rear parking pad. It was a great milestone as we expand our facility and continue to expand our car and product offerings. With all this expansion coming to a head, this seems an appropriate time to ask,”why should you buy a Bugeyeguy Bugeye (or BugeyeguyPART) from us?”
We stand behind what we sell and we have the experience needed to produce great products. Buy from others and take your chances. For example:

In a recent interview with a seller of an old British car, I asked if there were any issues downshifting from third to second and if the transmission was in good shape. He told me it was perfect. “No issues,” he said.

I purchased the car and when it arrived, I went to back-it off the trailer and much to my surprise, I was unable to engage reverse (or any gear for that matter). The clutch barely worked. I started the car in gear and backed the car into the shop for repairs on my very first drive. (We have since fixed the issues).
How was it possible that such a nice guy who was so forthcoming could neglect to disclose something so elemental to our transaction?

This sort of thing happens more often than I can count. Once, a truck showed-up with one of our new acquisitions and the driver asked me who was going to push it off the trailer. I had just bought this car from a national sports car club president… how could he of all people forgot to tell me that his car didn’t run?

As the internet continues to expand, we all have more buying choices. Anyone can find a Bugeye Sprite (and anything else) online, with a seller’s promise of “perfection.” But you have to ask yourself, if Bugeyeguy is having trouble getting cars online that are accurately represented, what am I about to step in?”

Even cars that are “vetted” on social media platforms are subject to the same challenges. Internet crowds sometimes fixate on red herrings, leaving an online auction winner with a serious undisclosed challenge that could not be detected from the photos shown. We get a lot of calls each year from people who say, “I bought such and such car online. I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy one from you instead.”

We work hard to make sure our cars work. We’re not perfect. We occasionally miss things. We are working with 60-year old machines that were never built to last this long. Things break. But we have sent more than 200 serviced Bugeyes out the door and we have learned a thing or two about how to produce a wonderful British Sports car.

I drive every car we sell, bring it back to the shop with a punch list, and when that list is complete, I drive it again and repeat the process. We have the experience to know what matters. We know what might fail before it fails and we discuss with every client how we can improve and accessorize their car so that it is optimized before it departs.

We look at our car business as a partnership. We want you to be happy. We want you to have fun. We want your car to work. We have videos to help you enjoy your car. We sell parts in case something goes wrong. We explain how things work. We answer the phone, often when other businesses are closed. That’s worth a lot in today’s economy, where outsourced phone support is far from satisfying.

What we sell is different. We stand behind our product. If anything isn’t right, call me and we will work together to address your concern. It’s difficult to offer a guarantee on a 60-year old classic car. But we do a great job producing a quality product and we stand behind what we sell.

We work hard to keep our prices competitive. But even if you pay a little more for one of our cars that has been fully vetted, what you get is peace of mind. You know we went through the car. You know there will be no surprises. I‘ve bought hundreds of cars, they are almost never as represented. That’s not how we operate. Let us show you the experience we bring to the classic cars we sell.

We look forward to being of service!

Fully sorted Cherry Red 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale-New video drive

Here’s a really nice Bugeye for anyone looking for a fully-sorted car that looks completely stock. The body color is an accurate match of the original cherry red that was available when new. It looks great with the tan top and tonneau. This car is available for $19,995 (and it would cost you a whole lot more to build one to this level)

And the car just keeps getting better…we pulled the engine to put a new clutch in “Mitchell” this week, and here’s a video from my first test drive once we put the nose back on. This car looks completely stock (even though the 948 engine has been upgraded with a larger 1098 head). This is a great Bugeye, with no issues, new carpet and a whole lot more. We’ve been through every inch of this one and it’s a great car for anyone who wants a car with all the kinks ironed-out.

Take a drive with me in the video below!

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