Stunning custom 1967 Austin Healey 3000 MK3 BJ8 for sale

This is, without exception, the nicest car we have ever owned. It is the product of an obsessive $200K restoration complete with multiple improvements and modifications. There are dozens of system upgrades, from a custom leather interior with 100S vented seats, to air conditioning, roller rockers, custom valve cover, triple webers, bilstein shocks, fire quench system and on and on, right down to a lighted WW2 bomber compass beautifully integrated into the hardtop (which has an ultra suede headliner).

It’s tasteful, and all done to the highest standard. This is a unique opporunity to own a fantastic Healey works rally tribute car, that has been upgraded so that you can use it everyday. I have put a few hundred miles on this car, and it is a knock out, and tons of fun to drive and show! Check out the awesome sounds that come from this custom exhaust system in the video below!

Click “read more” to see the awesome pictures!

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Don’t do this to your Bugeye Sprite, part 5

I’ve written a lot here about the wrong fittings in the wrong holes, but the topic warrants further discussion, because every week we see something new.

On this beautiful leaf green car which was very well restored (elsewhere), snaps were incorrectly used for the back deck fittings. Above you can see one of the snaps in place, right before we drilled out the rivet that was formerly holding it in place.

We were tasked with putting on a new top for the customer, but did not want to repeat the mistake and put the incorrect female snaps on the top. Instead, we changed the snaps to the proper tenax fittings (which you can see at left), and also changed the female snaps in the tonneau to tenax as well. This way everything is factory accurate again, and much more effective too. (Snaps do not work as well as tenax for securing the rear of the top.) Fortunately, the tenax with a plastic washer covered any scars left by the old snaps.

At left you can see the new tenax fitting in place. And you can also see the beautiful stay fast top we installed, which we also sell (by special order, please email if interested). We stock a superior upgraded vinyl top, which you can find by clicking here.

Brilliant Modified 5 Speed and Fast Bugeye for Sale, “Priscilla.”

Now sold and heading to Tennessee! Congratulations Timothy!

This is a superb Bugeye and great fun to drive. The builder of this Bugeye has had a long love affair with Bugeyes, and set out to build the ultimate Frogeye. He installed a Datsun 210 engine (disguised with an Austin valve cover sticker) and 5 speed Datsun 210 transmission. This engine is 1397CC 80 Horsepower 210 engine, quite a bit more powerful than a 1275 engine in stock form, and then he further modified it for even more power with a Crane cam and Weber carb… more power while retaining good street-abilty. And the last owner claims to have gotten 42 MPG on the highway!

She’s loaded with performance modifications and also looks fantastic. This is an extensively modified car we sold to Rod in Florida, who’s downsizing, and asked us to sell it for him. We have the car back in our shop, where we are putting in new master cylinders, new front shocks and new rack boots, all to get this great car ready for a new home.
The car already has a new clutch and battery.

The car currently sports a nice white stripe and white top. Many of the pictures here were taken before the stripes were added. The stripes can also be removed if so desired.

Check out the video for more details! This car is available for $20,495. A whole lot more was invested to make this ultimate five-speed Bugeye!

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11 Great Austin Healey Sprite Bugeyes on sale! Limited time!

Spring came late this year to New England, so it’s particularly nice to have 70 degree temperatures this week! Now we can get some cars out of the building!

We are marching forward with your building renovations and in the coming weeks, we will be refinishing the floors in all eleven thousand square feet of the Bugeye cave. This presents a wonderful opportunity for you, dear reader, should you be looking for a Bugeye Sprite you can enjoy this coming season. We would be delighted to send you one of our fine cars, particularly since space is at a premium while we grind and refinish all our concrete floors. Below you can see our new kitchen area and the addition all getting completed. Our restored Quonset hut never looked better!
All our cars are ready to bring joy to you and the people you meet. Please consider taking one home today! We have a full range of choices, and if you don’t see what you want, we will be delighted to customize one for you. As an added bonus, take $500 off any car in inventory. But don’t delay, this special offer ends on Sunday May 6th at Midnight Eastern. Floor grinding begins on May 7, so you can help us move out a few cars by then, and save some bucks while you are at it!

Allow me to reintroduce eleven of my closest friends in the summary below. Remember, these cars are hand picked and gone through with the experience that comes from 219 prior cars. We know what we are looking for, and we know how to make these cars work. What you find from us is not the same as what you might find online elsewhere. We produce a great product, and we look forward to sending one your way!

You’ll find the price of each car in the summary, they are listed in ascending order, lowest price first. You can click on any of the photos to see a detailed description of each car. We just sent the burgundy Bugeye “Pedro” to his new home in Mississippi where his new owner Fred reports that he was pulled over by a local police officer on his first drive simply so the officer could get a good look at the car (fortunately, he had his new plates on the car!). He has a massive collection of vehicles and reports he has never experienced anything like this, people love these cars. They are magnetic.

If you want to make new friends with every mile, we hope we can send you one of our next crop of cars!

If you see something you like, please call 203 561 6929, we will be available through the weekend getting our building ready for the next chapter!

First up is “Nemo,” a shiny red Bugeye with stock drivetrain and new head. A great driver that looks great! $17,495-$500 discount=$16,995.





Next we have “Bliss,” a very nice driver with tons of upgrades. This car was completely prepared for a Texas client with new carpet (not shown) and an impressive list of new parts. Disk brakes, LED lights, three point seat belts and a whole lot more! $19,995-$500 discount=$19,495.



Don’t forget “Hampton,” another great 1958 Bugeye with an original thin windshield. This one has an upgraded 1275 engine and disk brakes as well as a single Weber carb. This is our best deal! $19,995-$500 discount= $19,495.





If you need an automatic Bugeye in your life, this is an awesome option, we have only seen one other automatic Bugeye, ever! This is a really nicely built disk brake car with a beautifully fabricated driveline. Call if you want to hear more. Price reduced to $22,495-$500 discount=$21,995



“Boyd” is another great choice, also stock but with disk brakes up front. Stunning car, new price! $20,995-$500 discount=$20,495.





I like “Lynn,” because this is a very fresh restoration with few miles. Stock 948 and drum brakes, a show-winner! $20,995-$500=$20,495.




Step up a notch to “Luigi,” a sweet 1958 thin windshield Bugeye with 1275 engine. Leaf green is a fantastic color for your Bugeye. $22,995-$500=$22,495





If you want something nicer still, check out “Tanner,” a mint restoration of a completely stock 948 Bugeye. This is a high level restoration, and any collector would be happy with this car. Price reduced to $27,995-$500 discount=$27,495




Next up is “Rose,” another home run car that we built just a few thousand miles ago. Top shelf everything. Proven sorted car, excellent! Reduced to $29,495-$500 discount= $28,995. This is an awesome car at a great price, prime choice!





Moving up the line we have PAL. This car has the best of everything, 1275, five speed and wire wheels, all the most popular options. IF you want the best Bugeye for high speed driving anywhere, this is your car. $32,995-$500 discount= $32,495.



And finally, consider “Crane,” also the best of everything, simply in a stock package, with 948 engine and a disk brake upgrade. IF you want stock and original appearance, this is the ultimate example. Price reduced! $32,995-$500 discount=$32,495.

Bugeye Sprite bounce test

This one fails.

Lever shocks have to work properly on Spridgets or they drive like crap. In fact, I would bet that anyone who says they were terrified while driving a Bugeye at speed was driving a car with blown front shocks.

It’s pretty easy to tell if the shocks are gone, you can see in the video below why this car needed new shocks immediately. A car with good front shocks will bounce once and stop, with well-damped motion.

We sell two types of shocks in our catalog. To view our standard front shocks, click here. For the rear shocks, click here

To view our upgraded performance version, click here for the front shocks and click here for the rears.

Electric Bugeye Sprite update, motor installed

While it takes a little getting used to, there is something quite elegant about an entire powerplant that fits in the space formerly occupied by the transmission. Our electric Bugeye now has the motor affixed, and we are excited that it nestles in the middle of the car, nice and low.

This week, Russ fabricated the mounts, and next we’ll customize the drive shaft to connect that motor to the rear end. Some electric conversions use the existing gearbox… we have elected to eliminate the transmission and to keep the driveline as simple as possible. These motors provide enough torque in a wide range so a gearbox is not needed.

This motor (with about 88 HP), weighs 105 pounds. The transmission that formerly lived in its place weighs about 35 pounds. We’re excited to get this much weight low and centered. The batteries will be located on the ends of the car, but we’re determined to keep the battery and petrol versions as close to equal as possible, in terms of total weight and weight distribution.

Our current estimate is that the electric car with 100 mile range will be about 30 pounds heavier than a fully-fueled Bugeye like Cole (see the next post). That’s after a fiberglass nose weight saving on this green prototype of about 40 pounds. We will use racing scales to balance the electric Bugeye and to get the distribution just right!

We’ll keep the updates coming. BTW, these parts will be available as a kit once we are done, for people who want to do an electric conversion themselves.

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours