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Why buy a Bugeyeguy Bugeye?

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People buy our cars because of our experience.

No one has more… we’ve had almost 200 Bugeyes pass through our building (and lots of other classic cars too), and we have learned what works and what doesn’t. While these are extremely simple cars, to get them truly sorted-out takes experience, and we know how to make Bugeyes work better than they did when they were new. We make the cars great with a mix of old and new parts, and some modern improvements, like LED lights for better visibility on modern roadways, improved mirrors and three-point seat belts, as well as other conveniences like hidden cigarette lighters to charge your mobile phone. We have a long list of options available so you can customize your particular car after adoption.

We keep track of our cars, and each one of them helps us improve. We have a wide range of customers, ranging for people who simply putter around the neighborhood to people who make long journeys in their Sprite. We cater to all sorts of customers, so If you want to drive your car from our shop to Atlanta, like Alan did in his Bugeye “Hazel,” (in the winter!) or to Seattle from our shop like Rick did in his Bugeye “Abby,” then you come to us for a great finished product you can trust. And if you ever have a problem with a Bugeye you purchase from us, we want to know that too! Customers who purchase a Bugeye from us can call any time for advice on repairs or parts should something ever go wrong with one of our Bugeyes.

People also buy our cars because we are straight about life with a British cars.
We’ll tell you right up front that British cars leak oil, burn oil, often leak hydraulic fluid, and have other quirky little annoyances. They require more maintenance than modern cars and sometimes, even the new parts we install can fail prematurely. For us, those foibles are part of life with these amazing rolling sculptures that are full of personality and attract new friends wherever you go. We do all we can to improve reliability and to offer support should something go wrong. We stock nearly every part required to keep Bugeyes in tip top shape. We are constantly at work upgrading components and even designing our own products to fix recurring Bugeye issues.

And finally, people buy our cars because of our passion. We love what we do and we hope it shows. We believe that cars say a lot about who we are, and that cars today are hopelessly bland. Classic cars make the mundane exciting again, so that even a trip to the supermarket become a wonderful open air adventure full of style and grace. We are excited when our customers tell us of meeting other classic car lovers in parking lots and at gas stations, and of stumbling into new relationships because of their fun classic car. We always hope to facilitate connection between humans who might otherwise pass with earbuds firmly in place. A Bugeye (or any British car for that matter) is a vehicle for fun and connection. We enjoy doing our part to get people out on the road so that magic can happen.

We look forward to being of service!

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Most new owners want our help personalizing their new British classic car. Check out the video below to tour one Bugeye right before delivery to a new owner:

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