Which rear end do you prefer?

What a joy to have two stripped Bugeyes in residence, both modified, both great fun, and both unique!

Shelby has now sold, but Wolf and Priscilla, our other modified Bugeyes, are still available!

Shelby in blue is radically modified, yet retains enough essence of Bugeye to be tasteful and attractive.

Wolf in green has a 5 speed transmission and leather interior, and more stock trim than Shelby but is still racier and more modified than most.

Both feature beautiful custom roll bars.

I love the clean rear of Shelby, a pure sculptural form, unencumbered by turn signals (they’re in the brake light housing), chrome, bumpers or fender beads. Look how much more busy Wolf looks, with all his stock Bugeye features. Both striking and wonderful… just different.

In a discussion today with a customer, we schemed about removing the vinyl on Shelby’s dashboard, removing the radio and welding the hole shut, and then painting the whole dash royal blue to match the car, then replacing the seats with blue leather covers with white piping, and capping off the build with powdercoated white minilight wheels. That will take Shelby into the into the super-frog stratosphere!

But Wolf’s still pretty cool… I like them both!

There are a few very distinct communities of Bugeye lovers–there are people who love the stock cars, and want nothing of the modifications. And then there are those who love Bugeyes and want more performance. “In sprite” of a common passion for Bugeyes, the two factions are sometimes highly polarized!

We love it all, and serve all communities of Bugeye lovers. We care dearly for that which is correct and original, and we also love the open-ended possibilities of building the ultimate Bugeye. Most importantly, serving these two sometimes divergent populations has helped us to better understand these cars in an intimate way. The knowledge that we collect serving all types of Bugeye-lovers helps us to make the highest quality product possible.

Each Bugeye that passes through our doors (and there have been many!) helps us to make the next car even better!

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